Best Time to Visit Myanmar

Myanmar, known as the "Buddhist country", is a country in Southeast Asia, bordering the Andaman Sea in the southwest, India and Bangladesh in the northwest, China in the northeast, and Thailand and Laos in the southeast. It’s one of the member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Myanmar has the simplest way of life, the most calm mindset, and the most devout faith. Only when you arrive in Myanmar, can you feel the magic of the Buddhist country when you open your heart. If you are tired of the bustle of the city, it is a better choice to travel to Myanmar. Then, there are some questions. When is the best time to visit Myanmar? Knowing about the weather of Myanmar, you will find that the best time to visit Myanmar is from November to February.


Weather of  Myanmar

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What’s the weather like in Myanmar?

Due to the tropical climate of Myanmar and the influence of the monsoon, in addition to the higher altitudes, most of Myanmar has high temperatures throughout the year and the temperature difference is small. In addition to a few areas in the north, rainfall is abundant.

Myanmar has a tropical monsoon climate with an average annual temperature of 27 °C. Weather of Myanmar is divided into 3 seasons: hot season, rainy season and cool season. Hot season is from March to May. From mid-February, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, and it begins to enter the dry season. The temperature is the highest from March to May, and the monthly average temperature is above 30 °C, even reaching 40 °C. Rainy season is from June to October. Cold season is from November to February. It enters the rainy season after June every year, and there is often heavy rain in July and August until the end of the rainy season in mid-October. Cool season is from November to February. The weather is fine and sunny in this season.


When is the best time to visit Myanmar?

Watch the stupas of Bagan by hot air balloon

Myanmar has a tropical monsoon climate, with distinct seasons in three seasons: hot season (March to May), rainy season (June to October), and cool season (November to February). The annual average temperature is around 27 °C. From November to February, the average temperature and the rainfall is the lowest in Myanmar. The weather is fine and sunny. It is the best time of the year and the peak season for tourism. Best time to visit Myanmar is from November to February.


Time not recommended to visit Myanmar

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Best time to visit Myanmar is from November to February. Then, when is the time not recommended to travel to Myanmar? The average temperature from March to May reaches around 35 °C, which is the hottest time in Myanmar. The central part of Mandalay and Bagan is the hottest. The average temperature is above 35 °C. It is not recommended that you visit Myanmar in this season. Beginning in June, the temperature in Myanmar has dropped back with an average temperature of around 30 °C. The rainy season is from mid-July to October, and the average temperature is about 30 °C, which is hot and humid. The rainfall lasts until October, although it was the most widespread rainfall throughout Myanmar. The central region has more rainfall in August and September, while Yangon and other regions have more frequent rainfall in July. So, from March to September, it is not recommended to visit Myanmar, especially in March to May.


What to wear in Myanmar?

If you are traveling in other countries, the issue of dressing is no need to discuss. Myanmar is different from other countries because it is a country that attaches great importance to Buddhism. It needs to pay attention to dressing when traveling to Myanmar. What to wear in Myanmar?

  • Slippers


You may feel very strange, why slippers? Myanmar is a Buddhist country. There are many Buddhist pagodas in Bagan. The custom here is to take off your shoes and socks when visiting the pagodas. In the minds of the Burmese, shoes and socks are the dirtiest thing. In order to show respect for the Buddha, you must take off your shoes and take off your socks to visit the pagodas. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a pair of slippers when traveling in Myanmar.

  • Trousers or long skirt

Trousers or long skirt

In Myanmar, you must wear long trousers or long skirts when you visit the pagodas. Of course, if you don't wear long trousers or long skirts, it is ok to wear a silk scarf. However, Myanmar does not have strict requirements for tops. If you wear sleeveless t-shirts, you are allowed to visit the pagodas.

  • Thin coat or thick coat


Most of Myanmar has a tropical monsoon climate with an average annual temperature of 27 degrees. You only need to bring some clothes in summer and a thin coat. However, if you need to take the bus at night, train and other means of transportation, it is necessary to bring long trousers and even a thick coat, because in these bus at night, it often opens the air to the maximum, which will make you feel very cold. Bring a coat is necessary for traveling to Myanmar.

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