4 Popular Beaches in Myanmar

Many people say that Bagan is beautiful. The Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon is beautiful. But few people have noticed that the beaches in Myanmar are also beautiful. Myanmar has a 2,000 kilometers’ coastline. Most of the beaches in Myanmar are accompanied by beautiful silver-white sand, making Myanmar the next ultra-popular beach destination in Asia. Many beaches in Myanmar have not yet been developed, just like the beaches of Thailand 20 years ago, full of nostalgic atmosphere. Where are the most beautiful beaches in Myanmar? Which beach should be your nest destination for your trip to Myanmar? Ngapali  Beach, Ngwes Saung Beache, Chaung – Tha Beach, Kan Thaya Beach are top 4 popular beaches in Myanmar that you can’t miss.


No.1 Popular beach in Myanmar - Ngapali  Beach

Recommended reason: One of the most beautiful beaches in Myanmar

Where is Ngapali  Beach located?

Located on the Rakhine Coast near Thandwe, Ngapali  Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Myanmar. It takes 35 minutes by plane from Yangon. It takes 14 hours of drive by a narrow and winding road crossing the Irrawaddy River in the meander and then over the Rakhine Mountains. There is an 18-hole golf course which is 15 minutes from the beach.

Ngapali  Beach

According to the survey, in 2016, the Tripadvisor website also selected Ngapali  Beach as the most desirable beach destination in the world. With its pure beaches and unique customs, Ngapali Beach has won the top spot in many competitors including Kata Noi Beach in Thailand, Naopan Beach in the Philippines and Agonda Beach in India. In the 2017 World's Best Beach Rankings, Myanmar's Ngapali  Beach was once again selected as one of the top 25 beaches in the world.

Known as the most beautiful beach in Myanmar, Ngapali  Beach is favored by photographers and tourists from all over the world for its clear blue waters and unspoiled natural ecological landscape. This is a beach where people dream. It has 7 kilometers of white sand and is covered with palm trees. The turquoise color of the sea is as clean and transparent as crystal. Because it is a bit far away, this is a good place to spend a few days on vacation and immerse yourself in the beach mode. Options of accommodation range from beach huts to villas. There are also many restaurants serving fresh seafood. It is said that an Italian who missed his hometown gave the name of the beach "Ngapali", which is actually named after the Italian city of Naples.


No.2 Popular beach in Myanmar - Ngwes Saung Beach

Recommended reason: Quiet beach in Myanmar

Where is Ngwes Saung Beach located?

Ngwes Saung Beach, also called Silver Beach, is about 48 kilometers from Pathein and is a newly developed beach in a place very close to Yangon. It takes only 35 minutes to get from Yangon to Silver Beach, and it takes only six hours to drive. The transportation is very convenient.

Ngwes Saung Beach

This natural beach stretches for 15 kilometers with silvery beaches and azure seas. There are newly built villas with local features and modern facilities. The villa faces the sea. The palm trees are dotted with pleasant views. The waters of the Silver Beach are as clear and transparent as Ngapali  Beach, but the development here is not as fast as Ngapali  Beach, so it is very leisurely, and it is also a place where you can quietly stay in Myanmar after traveling. The seafood on the Silver Beach is very delicious, ranging from small shrimps to large lobsters, as well as a variety of crabs and fish. If you come to the beach in the early hours of the morning, you can still see the fishermen fishing.


No.3 Popular beach in Myanmar - Chaung – Tha Beach

Recommended reason: Beach suitable for middle class

Where is Chaung – Tha Beach located?

Chaung – Tha Beach is located 40 km west of Pathein in the Irrawaddy Province. It takes only 5 hours by car from Yangon to Pathein. The traffic is convenient. There are many villa-style hotels with modern facilities near the beach. Chaung – Tha Beach is also near Yangon. Although it is not as beautiful as Ngapali  Beach and Silver Beach, because the sand is not white enough. There are a lot of hotels on this beach, such as Royal International Hotel. So, it is very popular with the middle class.

Chaung – Tha Beach

If you want to escape from the crowd during the tourist season and rest on a beach, you can choose to hire a boat to hit the beach and then explore the nearby island. There are also many tropical fishes in the sea at Chaung – Tha Beach. You can bring your own snorkel and diving equipment to the bottom of the sea to see the fish. Chaung – Tha Beach is now very commercialized. If you want to enjoy modern travel services, you can go to Chaung – Tha Beach.


N0.4 Popular beach in Myanmar - Kan Thaya Beach

Recommended reason: Beach isn’t commercialized in Myanmar

Where is Kan Thaya Beach located?

Kan Thaya Beach is 290 km from Yangon and is adjacent to Gwa City on the Rakhine Coast. It takes only 8 hours to drive from Yangon and has to cross the lush mountain road.

Kan Thaya Beach

If you really want to escape from artifacts and commercialization, this is a Burmese beach you have to go to. Kan Thaya Beach has not been developed at all and is intact. There is no beach sports venue, no shops, but this is what makes it unique. You can't book a hotel in advance, but if you come here, you will definitely find a place to live. The beach is very shallow and only has 4.5 kilometers long. Unlike the white sands of Ngapali  Beach, the sand here is golden and hard.


Tips for visiting beautiful beaches in Myanmar:

a. The beaches of Myanmar are closed during the monsoon season from May to October. From December to April, the sea water is warm.

b. In April, the beach is a great place to participate in the Water Festival in Myanmar.

c. The standard clothes for Burmese beaches is jeans and T-shirts – on the beach or in the sea.

d. Myanmar also has the potential to become a surfing destination. The waves are not so big, they are suitable for novices, but for passionate veterans. The best time to come to Myanmar is the beginning of the rainy season (May or June).

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