Egypt Top Recommendations

Egypt seems to have always been a distant and mysterious existence in people's hearts. However, with the progress of society and economic development in recent years, traveling to Egypt has become more and more close to our lives, and people have already realized their Egyptian tourism dreams. So, what are the must-see items when traveling to Egypt?


Diving in the Red Sea, rafting on the Nile River, exploring the pyramids, watching Sophie dance performances, visiting the temples of Luxor, watching a sacred sunrise and experiencing life in a desert oasis are all must-experience items when traveling to Egypt. If you have no idea about how to make an ideal tour plan for Egypt, this section about Egypt top recommendations will introduce you the best places to visit in Egypt, the top popular food you should try and the best handicrafts you can buy in Egypt. For more top recommendations for Egypt, please ask us for help whenever you have questions.

Where to Stay in Egypt

Egypt straddles Asia and Africa, and has a unique geographical location: on land, it connects Asia and Africa. Where to stay in Egypt? This article recommends hotels for you to stay in Egypt.

Shopping in Egypt

Where to shop in Egypt? Here are some recommended tourist and shopping places in Egypt! This article mainly introduces the shopping places in Cairo, Luxor and Alexandria.