Top 8 Handicrafts and Souvenirs of Egypt

Egypt is the most populous country in the Middle East and the second largest country in Africa. It has a long history and is one of the ancient civilizations in the world. The ancient pyramids, the mysterious Sphinx and other attractions attract tourists from all over the world to explore. There are many kinds of souvenirs when traveling to Egypt. What can you buy when traveling to Egypt? Here are some Egyptian items worth buying.


1. Papyrus painting

When you are in Egypt, you must bring some papyrus back with you. This is an Egyptian folk handicraft, which is favored by local Egyptians and foreign tourists with its strong ancient Egyptian style.


The paper made of papyrus has a very special texture. People paint on the papyrus, and most of the content is related to myths or legends of the pharaohs. And depending on the quality and size, the price of papyrus varies widely, ranging from a few Egyptian pounds to hundreds of Egyptian pounds. So, when shopping, you have to go for dim sum. You can rub it with your hands, and don't buy papyrus that crack after rubbing.



2. Flavor

According to legend, the essence of Egypt has a history of more than 3,000 years. The essence of Egypt mainly comes from flowers and trees, which are rich in processes such as pressing and underground fermentation. The purity of the essence produced in Egypt is particularly good, and up to 80% of it is exported to France and used by the French to make perfume. If you want to buy the flavor raw materials of Channel and CD at a super cheap price, you should come to Egypt to buy it. The fragrances here are mainly divided into single-floral fragrance type and compound floral fragrance type. For single-floral fragrance type, it is recommended to buy lotus fragrance, rose, lily, and violet. The more popular compound floral fragrance types are "Tutankhamen" and "Cleopatra". .


3. Flavor bottle

Most of the flavor bottles are artificially blown by Egyptians. There is no fixed pattern on the bottle, but they are all hand-painted by people. Some of the bottles have a bumpy frosted pattern, which is also improvised by people. It can be said that most of these fragrance bottles are unique. Such cute fragrance bottles can be found in Cairo's Khalili market.



4. Haier Tuxi

If you want to bring some souvenirs back from Egypt, in addition to the exquisite fragrance bottles, Haiertuxi is also a good choice. It is a special frame for recording the king's name in ancient Egypt, which is very local. And people can choose the Haier Tuxi gold frame at the market, convert their names or the names of relatives and friends into English letters and hand them over to the artisans, who will glue these letters with the corresponding ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic letters on the Inside the gold frame. It is a very memorable souvenir.


5. Egyptian copper plate

If you like handicrafts, you will not miss the Egyptian copper plate. These carved copper plates are unique in shape and exquisite in production, and have a certain collection value. It is a work of art evolved from Egyptian daily necessities. The dial is usually engraved with the daily life of ancient Egyptian kings and nobles, and sometimes Egyptian historical celebrities are also engraved. In Egyptian homes, such unique copper plates often appear on the dining table or in the cupboard, becoming the iconic ornaments of Egyptian home decoration.


6. Egyptian crystal

Without the brilliance of Brazilian crystals, let alone the dazzling eyes of Austrian crystals, Egyptian crystals have won the hearts of many small fans with their strong national characteristics. Egypt's Asif crystal is also known as "Swarovski of the Middle East", and the raw materials of the crystal factory are produced locally. Therefore, Asif crystal products have the attributes of high quality and low price, which makes it quickly become a tourist attraction. A very attractive souvenir. In the direct sales store in front of the Asif Crystal Factory, the crystal products here are the most abundant.


7. Arabian style headscarf

The sun exposure in Egypt is very strong, and prolonged exposure to the sun naturally causes great damage to the skin. At this time, the local Arab-style headscarf has become a good product for sun protection. The local scarf flowers are particularly abundant, and the quality is also first-class. Besides, the price is not expensive.


8. Carpets and tapestries

In addition to buying Arab-style headscarves, you can also bring back some local carpets and tapestries. The carpet weaving is of particular significance to the Egyptians. It is an object that they will carry with them when they go out. The Egyptians pray several times a day on the carpet weaving. On the carpets, there are usually ancient stories, mostly from the pharaonic period, with a strong retro style. These ancient-style woven rugs can be found in street stalls in Cairo, large and small, at very affordable prices.



Recommended shopping places in Egypt

  • 1、The largest shopping mall in Cairo, it is also said to be the largest shopping mall in the Arab region, integrating catering, shopping and leisure. There are all kinds of international famous brands gathered here. It is said that the products of European brands here will be cheaper than domestic ones. But compared to the domestic situation in Egypt, the price here is quite high. The top floor houses the largest cinema in Cairo.
  • 2、CityStars is located in Nasser City, and any taxi driver knows it.
  • 3、Asfour Crystal Factory (asfour): featuring crystal products, it sells all kinds of crystal accessories, lighting, utensils, handicrafts, etc. Compared with domestic crystal products, the price is very cost-effective and can be purchased in large quantities as gifts. Change styles every three months on average.
  • 4、Khan Khalili Market: Located near the Azhar Mosque and next to the Hussein Mosque, it is a very famous market in Cairo, selling various tourist souvenirs and handicrafts. It is a must-see for foreign tourists. If you want to buy gifts for your relatives and friends in China, you must go here. The market is very big, there are many stalls and shops, some can directly spend dollars, and you can find a lot of interesting things if you choose carefully. Buying things here must be bargained, and you must be patient. If you don’t say a word and turn your head away, it’s hard to buy a good price.


Shopping in Egypt

  • 1、 Haggling is popular in Egypt. However, state-run stores and supermarkets clearly marked prices, leaving no room for bargaining. General private stores can be appropriate bargaining.
  • 2、 Shops and vendors that sell handicrafts often charge foreign customers sky-high prices, and they haggle a lot. Experienced customers shop around and make a bargain before they know what to do, so as not to be fooled.
  • 3、 The service attitude of Egyptian merchants can be called first-class, enthusiastic, patient, and thoughtful. There is no righteousness in buying and selling, and there will never be any deception.

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