Shopping in Egypt

Traveling to Egypt, does its mysterious history fascinate you and linger? Every time you go to a tourist attraction in Egypt, you must buy some souvenirs. Are there any quirky gadgets that you can't put it down? What to buy when traveling to Egypt? Here are some recommended tourist and shopping places in Egypt! This article mainly introduces the shopping places in Cairo, Luxor and Alexandria.


Recommended shopping places in Cairo

1. City Stars

If you want to find the atmosphere of a metropolis in Cairo, you can go to the City Star Shopping Center, which is known as the largest Shopping Mall in Cairo and even North Africa. In fact, it is similar to the shopping malls in second-tier cities in China. There are no luxury brands, but it can meet the general shopping and leisure needs. Although Levi's, CK, Esprit and other clothing brands here have no price advantage compared with domestic ones, if you want to buy branded Arabian style clothes, this is a good choice. In addition, there are many delicious restaurants on the fourth and fifth floors. If you are tired of shopping, you can find a store to try.



2.Mall of Arabia

Mall of Arabia is far away from downtown Luo, but it covers a large area and is very modern. It is much more advanced than the City Stars shopping center (City Stars). Most of the consumers who come here are rich local people. There are all major brand counters, large supermarkets, restaurants, hookah halls, etc., and even a musical fountain and a large play area for children, which is a good place for weekend leisure.



3. Fair Trade Egypt

The Egyptian Handicraft Market is located on the island of Gzira and is a good place to focus on buying all kinds of handicrafts. Although called a bazaar, it is actually a shop selling fair trade goods, with more than 500 kinds of authentic indigenous handicrafts from all over Egypt, Bedouin rugs, hand-woven cotton, Fayoum pottery, asi Beaded jewelry and more can be found here, and cotton bedspreads and shawls are especially cute. The small items sold here are not only of guaranteed quality, but also reasonably priced.




4. Abd El Zaher

Abd El Zaher Bookstore is located next to the Al-Azhar Mosque. It is the last bookbinder in Cairo. It still adheres to the ancient book-making process to this day. Most of the paper products use imported raw materials to ensure a high level of craftsmanship and quality. The current bookstore's production range includes leather book wrappers, picture books, etc. You can even ask the store to bind a unique book for you, starting at about 30 Egyptian pounds.


5. Nagada

Nagada is a small but sophisticated clothing store that sells high-quality hand-woven fabrics, including silk, cotton, linen, Arabian-inspired men's and women's clothing, with a modern twist in design. In addition, you can also buy small items such as beautiful pottery here.



Recommended shopping places in Luxor

1.Luxor souks

Luxor, an ancient city, still maintains a very traditional market, where there are a variety of handmade products with local characteristics, national costumes, etc. There is now a new souk in Shar’a al-Karnak, a little further from the temple, slightly smaller than the old souk.



2. Fair Trade Center

The Fair Trade Centre sells handicrafts made by Luxor NGO projects, including handmade items from some nearby villages. Wood carvings, pottery, jewelry, clothing and rugs are all available at reasonable prices.



3. Habiba

If you are tired of haggling with hawkers, then Habiba will be your best choice, all the goods here are clearly marked and no bargaining is accepted. The shop is run by an Australian lady and now has two branches in Luxor. There are all kinds of embroidery, leather goods, scarves, handbags and more.



Recommended shopping places in Alexandria

1. Attareen Antique Market

It became famous in the 1960s, as many foreigners who took refuge here sold high-quality antiques. Today, there are only a handful of antique shops here. Here you can also see how French-style furniture was imitated in small shops, and these replicas were very popular with Egyptians. Almost all small shops will be more than happy to sell the item you are looking for, but you need to think about it, because it will need to be shipped to the residence yourself. The market has many small alleys, large and small, which are inconvenient for tourists. Walk one block west from the Atari monastery, and cross the small alley between the coffee shops and retail stores of Shar'a al-Horreya. Can reach Atari Market.



2. San Stefano Mall

San Stefano Mall is Alexandria's most upscale shopping venue, located around and below the Four Seasons Hotel, where you can buy sunglasses, jewelry, formal or casual wear from famous designers.



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