Best 10 Traditional Dishes to Eat In Egypt

Egypt is a very unique place. There are many tourist attractions here, such as the world-famous Egyptian pyramids, etc., which attract many tourists every year. There are also many special dishes in Egypt. Which Egyptian cuisine is worth tasting?


The Egyptian diet is influenced by Greek, Lebanese and French dishes. The meals mainly include Western food based on French cuisine, Middle Eastern food based on Egyptian cuisine, and special dishes based on Chinese, Greek and imitation dishes from the Pharaoh era.


1. Basbousa

It is a kind of cake, which is mainly made of semolina and syrup. Sometimes rose water is added. The overall taste is very sweet. At the end, shredded coconut is sprinkled on it. It is very popular in Egypt. Dessert.



2. Ful Medames

Ful medames is a traditional Egyptian breakfast. It is mainly made of boiled broad beans, plus fennel, garlic, etc., and vegetable oil. It has a very unique taste and is very popular on the streets of Egypt.



3. Kofta

The taste of Kofta is also very good. It is minced beef or mutton, marinated with various spices, and finally roasted. Generally, the finished product is oval, and celery is also added, so it will not be so greasy.



4. Hamam Mahshi

This delicacy is still very troublesome to make. The pigeons are stuffed with rice and various special spices, and then the pigeons are roasted with charcoal fire. It looks very fragrant, crispy outside and tender inside, and the rice inside tastes good. very good.



5. Koshari

Koshari is a common delicacy. You can eat a large bowl for a few dollars. The main ingredients are rice, onion rings, tomato sauce, etc. These ingredients are first mixed separately, then mixed together, and the taste is also very fragrant when you add your favorite condiments.



6. Shawarma

Shawarma is similar to Turkish barbecue. There are mainly mutton, chicken, beef and other ingredients to choose from. It can be roasted in the grill for a day. It is delicious and delicious.



7. Shish taouk

Shish taouk looks like a big skewer, it uses lemon first. The chicken pieces are soaked in vegetable oil, and then grilled into skewers. It is very popular in Egypt and is one of the top ten must-eat dishes in Egypt. The meat is tender and not greasy.


8. Umm ali

Umm ali is also a kind of dessert. It is also very attractive. It is mainly made of milk, raisins and nuts and other ingredients. It is then baked until golden brown. The taste is very sweet, it is a bit greasy and the calories are relatively low high.



9. Kabab

Kabab is equivalent to barbecue. If you want to eat it, you can eat grilled lamb chops. The taste will not be very fishy, but very fragrant. Some other dishes are also worth tasting. This kind of food is also very popular in Egypt and has a rich taste. .


10. Ta'amiya

This is a popular street food in Egypt. Broad beans are mashed into a paste, add some spices, and then deep-fried until golden and crispy. The taste is also very good, and the price is very affordable.



Egyptian drink

In addition to coffee and black tea in Turkey, Egypt also has many special drinks. In addition to soft drinks, the most common ones on supermarket shelves are juices of various flavors. In addition, there is a juice shop almost every step of the way on the street. It has a wide variety of varieties and reasonable prices. In the hot summer, few people can resist the temptation of fresh juice. If you are tired of the common mango juice, orange juice and guava juice, it is better to have a glass of sugar cane juice, mint lemon juice and banana milk.


Ramadan Drinks Specialty Drinks


It is also a special drink during Ramadan, with sour and sweet flavors. The sweet taste is made by washing the rice and grinding it into pulp. Then add coconut milk, fresh milk, sugar and vanilla. After filtering, a delicious cup of subia is made. In addition, oat, almond and hazelnut subia can be prepared according to personal taste.



Winter Specialty Drinks

Orchid drink

This is a hot winter drink made from orchid powder, sprinkled with cinnamon powder, and usually served with crackers or croutons.


Apple Cinnamon Hot Drink

It's a drink you'll fall in love with once you try it, and it's available in all major cafes. Before that, I never imagined adding spices to drinks, especially a whole piece of cinnamon, what kind of chemical reaction would be stimulated to stimulate the taste buds, but the sweet and sour apple juice with the unique aroma of cinnamon, I would like to call it absolutely match.

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