Top 7 Best Restaurants in Xian

Xi'an is not only an ancient capital with a long history, but also a gourmet paradise. If you haven’t eaten beef and mutton soup with shredded cake, gourd chicken and dumpling these specialties, you can’t say that you have been to Xi'an. Where to eat in Xian? What are the popular restaurants in Xi'an? Whether you want to eat Chinese food, Western food or specialties of Xian, this article will give you recommendations about best restaurants in Xian.

1、Chengcheng Bowl Lamb (澄城水盆羊肉)

  • Location: 100 meters south of Xijing Hospital in Xingqing Road
  • Recommended price:  about $5/person
  • Recommended  cuisine: specialty of Xian

Chengcheng Bowl Lamb

Noodles in Chengcheng Bowl Lamb

Chengcheng Bowl Lamb, one of the most popular restaurants in Xi'an, is mainly based on snacks and fast food. It is a popular restaurant among the majority of diners. Put the mutton into a large bowl, add the soup and parsley topped with a little oil, then a bowl of authentic lamb is ready. If you want to eat this authentic specialty of Xian, you can’t miss this restaurant in Xian.


2、Well Will Western Restaurant (万万西餐)

  • Location: The northeast corner of the intersection of Cuihua South Road and Yannan 5th Road in Yanta District, Xian
  • Recommended price: about $13/person
  • Recommended  cuisine: Pizza and western food

Well Will Western Restaurant

Well Will Western Restaurant

This restaurant is decorated in both an American-style and a bar atmosphere. There are hanging pieces on the wall of the restaurant. In addition, light industrial-style metal chandeliers reveal warm lighting. Well Will Western Restaurant blends all styles wonderfully together. In the restaurant, in addition to the sense of eating a meal, there is a more comfortable and relaxed dining experience. As a signature dish, the taste of the Well Will pizza is very nice. The pizza covered with French fries does not make people feel tired at all. If you like pizza, you can’t miss this restaurant in Xian.


3、Hutuji (糊涂记)

  • Location: No. 1 West Road, Xihuamen, Xian
  • Recommended price: about $7/person
  • Recommended  cuisine: Shan’s cuisine



As a recommended restaurant on the list of must-eat restaurant in Xian, Hutuji is a representative restaurant of Shan’s cuisine. The dishes in the restaurant is fresh and green. There are varies cuisines that you can choose in this restaurant. The most famous dishes of the restaurant are Gourd chicken, Guokui, Liangpi and Gaoling oil cake. If you want to taste authentic Shaanxi cuisine, you can’t miss this restaurant.


4、Folunsa Classical Stove Pizza (佛伦萨·古典火炉披萨)

  • Location: Xiaozhai Road, West Street of Xingshan Temple, Yanta District, Xian
  • Recommended price: about $10/person
  • Recommended cuisine: Italian food

Folunsa Classical Stove Pizza

Folunsa Classical Stove Pizza

As the first apple charcoal grilled pizza in Xi'an, Folunsa Classical Stove Pizza is definitely the most authentic and pure "Naples pizza" in Xi'an. This shop is small, but the environment is very warm. Wooden tables and chairs and oil-painted walls let you feel that you are in an Italian countryside. If you want to eat Italian food in Xian, you can’t miss this restaurant.


5、Meet Chang’an (遇见长安)

  • Location: 4th Floor, Sunshine World, No. 1 Gaoxin Information Avenue
  • Recommended price: about $8/person
  • Recommended  cuisine: Northwestern cuisine

Meet Chang’an

Meet Chang’an

The restaurant is located in 4th floor of Sunshine World. It isn’t special from the outside, but it is very special inside. Shanxi's characteristic wooden tables and stools, the festive red lanterns, Shanxi’s accent of service of the restaurant are very special. The dishes of the restaurant mainly highlight the distinctive flavor of Shanxi. This restaurant pays attention to the inner taste and fragrance, followed by color and shape. If you want to taste Northwestern cuisine, you can’t miss this restaurant.


6、Russian kitchen(俄式厨房)

  • Location: No.168 Jixiang Road(South East corner of Yongsong Road and Jixiang Road)
  • Recommended price: about $15/person
  • Recommended  cuisine: Russian cuisine

Russian kitchen

Russian kitchen

There are many western restaurants in ancient city of Xian. But the most authentic restaurant in Russian-style is said to be Russian kitchen. The dishes of the restaurant are beautifully decorated and have a good taste. The environment of the restaurant is very exotic. The singers are beautiful Russian girls and handsome boys. Dining in the restaurant is a pleasure.


7、Ernaisi chicken (尔奈斯大盘鸡)

  • Location: Maixi Street, Zhonglou Business Circle, Lianhu District, Xi'an
  • Recommended price: about $6/person
  • Recommended  cuisine: Xinjiang cuisine

Ernaisi chicken

Ernaisi chicken

The famous Ernaisi chicken is one of the must-eat restaurants in Xian. The decoration of the restaurant is simple and elegant. The environment is very clean and tidy, making people feel very comfortable to eat. The big plate chicken is really delicious. The chicken and noodles are definitely authentic. If you want to eat Xinjiang cuisine, you can’t miss this restaurant in Xian.

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