Top 10 Best Souvenirs and Handicrafts in Cambodia


Cambodia’s industrial development started late, as an agricultural country, Cambodian handicrafts have made foreigners full of praise. Shopping in Cambodia, a variety of distinctive handicrafts and tourist souvenirs are undoubtedly the first choice as gifts to friends and family. Silverware, textiles, wood carvings and stone carvings with ethnic flavors are famous local specialties. However, there is no art shop in Cambodia, and travelers can only buy these handicrafts or souvenirs in the local market.


What to buy in Cambodia?

1、Cambodian handicraft-Stone carvings

Stone carvings, wood carvings, silverware and textiles are listed as the four specialties of Cambodia. Similar to traditional woodcarvings, Cambodian stone carvings are also influenced by Buddhist culture, so many Buddhist statues of stone carvings are seen in the market. Secondly, Angkor Wat Sculpture are also very popular. Of course, with the increase of tourists, the stone carvings produced in Cambodia are also changed by the preferences of tourists. You can choose stone carving products according to your own preferences.


2、Cambodian handicraft-Wood carvings

The wood carvings in Cambodia have a long history of development. In the past, the Cambodian people did not regard wood carving as a means of profit. In leisure time, they often like to carve out the gods they worship every day and put them in the ancestral hall of the temple. Therefore, the Cambodian woodcarvings have a strong Buddhist atmosphere. As a traditional handicraft, Cambodian woodcarvings are mostly carved from wood with hard texture and fine patterns of ebony and teak. Its shape is different, its posture is vivid, and its pattern is fine. Today, some Cambodian woodcarvings have a high appreciation and collection value. The finished woodcarving of mahogany is called "the diamond in the plant" and is of great value. Its light and pleasant aroma has not been artificially synthesized so far, and it is very popular among collectors.


3、Cambodian handicraft-Silverware

Silverware products are very popular in Cambodia. In Phnom Penh, there are many silverware stores in the markets like Central Market and Sorya Shopping Center. Prices of Silverware vary by size and craftsmanship. Most of the silverware sold in Cambodia is silver-plated. However, it is still beautiful, which is in line with the consumption level of Cambodians. Silverware is mainly divided into various tableware, jug, vases, jewelry, etc., and the workmanship is exquisite. Some traditional Cambodian silverware has pure Buddhist story patterns and Khmer totems, which are exotic and vary in price depending on size and craftsmanship. When you buy silverware, you need to study it carefully. The silverware that is extremely fine workmanship is not made by hand. It is far less durable than hand-made silverware.


4、Cambodian handicraft-Textiles

Products of high-quality silk such as wallets, handbags and albums of photo are popular souvenirs for many female tourists. Textiles are the cheapest gifts available of local souvenirs. And there are a lot of hand-made scarves, gloves, etc. These little things are the favorite of locals and travelers.


5、Cambodian souvenir-Ruby

Cambodia, rich in rubies, uses a variety of crafts and accessories made of ruby, which are not only high quality, but also affordable. Tourists should pay special attention to color and texture when buying early, beware of being fooled.


6、Cambodian handicraft- Ceramics

When talking about pottery, you must mention Kampong Chhnang Province. It is located on the south side of Tonlé Sap Lake, 90 km from Phnom Penh, and is famous for its pottery that is exported to Cambodia. Cambodia's pottery has a long history and today still retains many ministries of handcrafted pottery. Pot earth in the province of Champion is suitable for pottery, pottery is large or small, and its shape is ever-changing. There are tall Buddhist statues and animal toys that are as big as palms. Because the large pottery is cumbersome and fragile and cannot be carried, many tourists visiting Cambodia have to choose small pottery.


7、Cambodian souvenir -Kroma

Almost every person in Cambodia has a piece of floral plaid fabric. The kind of floral plaid fabric, called Krama in Cambodian. In Cambodia, both men, women and children carry a piece of Krama with them. Some people wrap it around the top of the head, some around it around the neck, some put it on the shoulders, and some tie it to the waist. Krama is brightly colored and diverse in style. The colorful colors and delicate patterns on the Krama make foreigners love it.


8、Cambodian souvenir - Coconut shell jewelry

Cambodia is rich in coconuts, and locals often use coconut shells or palms as materials to make use of their own structural features and natural textures to create stylish tableware. According to locals, the average price of those special coconut tableware is about $2. Many residents also often pack the coconut shells, fill the soil, and plant flowers and plants in the coconut shell, which is also unique.


9、Cambodian handicraft- Brown sugar

The sugar juice contained in the inflorescence is cut from the palm tree, and the brown sugar is formed into a paste or a block, and can also be processed into white sugar, and the nutritional value component is high. Cambodia is rich in hot fruit, so all kinds of dried fruit and jam are also specialties here.


10、Cambodian souvenir -Painting

Most of Siem Reap's oil paintings are also based on Angkor Wat. Many foreign tourists will buy a pair of oil paintings to return to the country to commemorate.


Where to buy in Cambodia?

Phnom Penh and Siem Reap are the two most important shopping centres in Cambodia, and travelers must check it out.


Shopping destinations in Phnom Penh:

The Central Market and the Russian market Phsar Tuol Tom Pong/Russian Market are two concentrated shopping venues. The Central Market is the largest integrated market in Cambodia, with many gold and silver gems for sale; the Russian Market is cheaper, but it is far away.


Shopping destinations in Siem Reap:

The Old Market/Psar Chaa is located on the banks of the Tonlé Sap River. The goods are very rich, daily necessities and tourist souvenirs can be bought here. There are many convenience stores, redemption shops, print shops and fruit shops around The Old Market.


Tips for tourists:

  • 1、Travelers shopping in Cambodia, regardless of the goods, can bargain, usually 1/3 of the price.
  • 2、If you don't understand the local language, when the other person raises a finger, you can figure out whether it means $1 or 1000R.


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