Top 10 Things to Do in Siem Reap


Siem Reap is a tourist city of Cambodia. Apart from having a world cultural heritage that is popular among tourists from all over the world-Angkor Wat, what to do in Siem Reap? Relax at Pub Street, go shopping at The Old Market, watch traditional performances of Apsara dance show, visit the floating village of Tonlé Sap Lake, eat Cambodian cuisine, do Cambodian massage, drink Cambodian beer Angkor, ride a bike in Siem Reap, Take a hot air balloon are best things that you can do in Siem Reap.


No.1 Visit Angkor Wat


Angkor Wat, the capital of the most powerful Khmer kingdom in Southeast Asia's history, was inundated by the jungle after the country's economic decline. It was not discovered until more than 500 years later that the world was circulating, and it was not known how many secrets were hidden. The mysterious Khmer smile, the ancient temples with broken bricks, the finely carved stone murals, and the boulder-stacked air halls, all of which are unsolved mysteries, waiting for you to savor and explore the mystery.



No.2 Experience nightlife at the Pub Street


Pub Street is a landmark in Siem Reap. The streets are full of restaurants and bars. It is very lively, and almost all tourists come to eat and spend time in the evening. When night falls, Pub Street is also bustling. There are many bars and stalls in Pub Street. Some of the bars here offer dance performances, and some have a comfortable environment where you can have a drink and chat with friends. In any case, here you can definitely relax and enjoy the night in Cambodia.



No.3 Shopping in The Old Market or Angkor Night Market


If you want to shop in Siem Reap, you can do shopping in the Old Market, Angkor Night Market or Center market. In addition to snacks in The Old Market, you can also buy local products, clothes, and some small souvenirs at the Angkor Night Market.



No.4 Watch traditional dance of Cambodia - Apsara dance show


In Cambodia, Apsara dance is known as the Royal Ballet and is one of the best activities after the end of a day. Apsara dance show can be seen at some hotels or cafeterias in Siem Reap, ranging in price from a dozen dollars to tens of dollars. You can learn about the ancient culture of Khmer from the beautiful dance show and indulge in this exotic atmosphere.



No.5 Visit Vietnamese Floating Village in the Tonlé Sap Lake      


Siem Reap is home to the Tonlé Sap Lake, a huge water area that fluctuates depending on whether it is in rainy season or dry season. The floating villages are home to many Vietnamese and Cham communities, while the water and its surrounding areas provide habitat for endangered birds and marine life. Various boat trips will pass through these villages, from the butchers to the church and all parts of the school gently floating on the lake.



No.6 Eat traditional Cambodian food


When traveling to Cambodia, you cann’t miss the taste of Cambodian food. Some popular dishes in Cambodia, for example, Amok, Beef Lok Lak, Soup Chhnang Dae, Baguette sandwiches are Cambodian cuisines that you can’t miss.



No.7 Take Angkor Balloon


There are special companies near Angkor Wat to operate a hot air balloon sightseeing project. Take a hot air balloon to take you to a height of 180 meters. The entire Angkor dynasty is unobstructed. In addition to Angkor Wat, you can also enjoy the Bakken Temple and Bayon Temple and the entire Siem Reap city.



No.8 Do Cambodian massage


Massage SPA is an important industry in many Southeast Asian tourist destinations. The service environment and the level of travellers from high-end luxury to affordable, adapting to various economic situations. All large and medium sized hotels offer a variety of massages and spa services, and there are some very nice small massage parlours in the city.



No.9 Drink Cambodian beer – Angkor


Weather of Cambodia is hot, and drinking a cold beer here is definitely a happy thing. Angkor beer is Cambodia's most famous beer. It may be because a local advertisement "My Country, My Beer" makes the brand a household name and is also known as Cambodia's national wine. This beer has a light bitter taste and a hint of hops. It can be bought in most restaurants and bars. The price of a bottle of 660ml is about $0.9-$1.5.



No.10 Rent a bicycle around the city Siem Reap


Cycling in Siem Reap of Cambodia is a very pleasant thing. Cycling is not as slow and strenuous as walking. There are many small bicycle rental shops in Siem Reap, and most hotels also have rental services. The approximate cost is $1.5-$2 per day. Cambodia has a lot of dust. If you want to ride, remember to wear a mask and a hat and apply sunscreen. The weather in Cambodia is hot and the morning is a little cooler. It is not recommended to ride in the dark. Although the law and order is relatively good, it still needs to be guarded.



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