Mobile and Internet in Cambodia

Traveling to Cambodia, the telephone and the Internet are two very important factors. Call the family to report peace, lost contact with the tour guide, ask for help from friends, check the travel and traffic routes on the Internet, all use mobile phones and networks. How much do you know about the network and telephone in Cambodia? Here is a brief introduction to this question.


Cambodia Mobile

SIM cards in Cambodia

International call code in Cambodia is 855. Major telecom companies in Cambodia include Cellcard, Smart, and Metfone. It can be purchased at the business hall of the airport exit hall and the city's business halls, hotels, and convenience stores. SIM cards range in price from $1 to $5, and some include phone bills and Internet traffic. The tariff is also very cheap, the call is $0.05-$0.07 / min. 1G traffic is only $3. The recommended SIM card is Metfone whose signal covers the widest range, even in remote temples and mountains.



  • 1) You may need a passport when you buy a SIM card. It is best to bring a copy of your passport with you. In addition, before the payment, let the store take the test card and put it on the mobile phone to test it, so as to avoid the mobile phone system that is not supported by the mobile phone system.
  • 2) If you do not need to use data functions such as GPRS in foreign countries, you must remember to turn it off, and only keep the voice call function, because the cost of international data traffic is really high.


1、Cellcard SIM card


The card fee is about 0.5$.

Recharge method: input *123* recharge card password # dial button

International long-distance dialing method: add 177 plus country code.

To make a local call, the intranet call is about $0.07/minute and the inter-network call is about $0.08/minute.

Mobile phone traffic purchase method and charges: Send INET3 to 6767, get 3.5G traffic for about $5 per month, which is monthly traffic. Other traffic plans have one day, one week, one year, but these are not recommended. If you cancel the package, you can send a text message off to 6767 to cancel.

Mobile phone fee inquiry method:

Check traffic: #823#

Open flow: #6767#

Charge: *123* card number#

Check the local number: #2#

Check the phone fee : #124#

Official website:


2、Smart SIM card


The card fee is about $1.50 per card, which includes $1 in calls.

Recharge method: input *888* recharge card password # dial button

The signal is good, but in places far from the city, such as Gobsbin, there will be no signal.

In addition to the internal and external network, the call charge is also divided into time. Dialing on the intranet, dialing from 10:00 pm to 6:00 pm the next day is about $0.05/min. Calling from 6pm to 10pm is about $0.07/minute. Inter-network dialing is the same as Cellcard about $0.08/min.

To query the traffic balance:type *656*0# and press the dial button.

Check the phone bill : *124#

Official website:


3、Metfone SIM card


Each card costs about $5 and contains about $3 in calls. It can be used for international long distances, and the tariff is similar to other companies.


In Cambodia, this telephone company has the widest signal coverage, and even in remote villages, the signal is good.


Add 168 to the phone number and the cost will be about $0.04/minute.


Recharge method: Enter *197* Recharge card password # dial button.


Metfone card online: Activate the SIM card first, set APN: Metfone, then send the desired package code to 133.


Official website:


In general, the most cost-effective of these three cards is the Smart SIM card ,but in some places, the signal is not very good.


Cambodia public telephone

1、Public telephone

You can make international long distance calls at the post office, telecommunications office or government telecommunications network camintel ( There are many public telephone booths on both sides of the Phnom Penh street. You can buy a calling card from the store next to the telephone booth. The corresponding calling card can only be used in the corresponding phone booth. However, the Tele 2 calling card can make international long distance calls from any telephone booth by dialing the access code (T) 007.


2、Emergency call in Cambodia

  • Ambulance: 119
  • Fire Alarm: 118
  • Alarm / Emergency Help: 117
  • Cambodia International Area Code: 855
  • Phnom Penh When Area Code: 23
  • Siem Reap Area Code: 63
  • Sihanoukdown Area Code: 34
  • Local Call: +855+ When Area Code (remove 0) + phone number
  • Consular Protection Hotline: 12-901923 (24-hour answer)
  • Address: 156 Blvd Mao Tse Toung Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs Global Insurance and Service Emergency Call Center Tel: 0086-10-12308 or 0086-10-59913991


Cambodia Internet/Wi-Fi

There are many Internet cafes on the streets of the tourist gathering area, and the price is about 0.5-1 dollar / hour. In addition, most hotels, restaurants, and cafes have Wi-Fi that can be used free of charge.


After buying a calling card, you need to make the appropriate settings on your mobile phone to access the Internet. Whether it is IOS or ANDROID system, system, settings, network, there is an item for APN, just set the name (Name) and APN items, others can be left blank.


Smart Telecom settings Name : Name: Smart; APN: smart;


Metfone Telecom settings Name: Metfone; APN: metfone;


Mobitel (CellCard) telecommunications settings Name: Mobitel; APN: cellcard.

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