Health and Insurance in Cambodia


When traveling to Cambodia, you need to pay attention to some health and personal safety. It better for you to know where is the hospital when you are not feeling very well. When your personal safety is threatened, you need to know where the embassy is? In addition, what to pay attention to when traveling to Cambodia?


Medical condition in Cambodia

The best hospitals and clinics in Cambodia are concentrated in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, and medical facilities in other areas are very simple. In general, Cambodia’s medical standards are limited. It costs a lot to see a doctor abroad. It is recommended to bring your own medicines and purchase the corresponding insurance when you travel to Cambodia.


Hospitals in Cambodia

1、Royal Rattanak Hospital (Bangkok hospital in Cambodia)

This international hospital is part of the Bangkok Hospital and has advanced medical facilities at a high cost.

Address: 592, 11 St,Phnom Penh, Cambodia



2、Royal Angkor International Hospital

This is a relatively new hospital affiliated to the Bangkok Hospital.

Address:Airport Road, Siem Reap, Cambodia



3、CT Clinic

This is the best hospital in Sihanoukville, where you can inject rabies vaccine and snake venom.

Address:47 Boray Kamakor St,Sihanoukville, Cambodia



Cambodia has a tropical monsoon climate with an average annual temperature of 29°C-30°C. The most common problems in Cambodia are diarrhea, vomiting and diarrhea, heat and cold, and heat stroke. In addition to self-protection, dietary attention, and plenty of water, you can also bring some drugs that are commonly used for these symptoms.

It is also necessary to pay attention to dengue fever in the local area. Although it is not common, children and adults may be infected. There is currently no vaccine that can effectively prevent dengue fever, so the best way to prevent dengue is to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. Keep away from stagnant water, try to wear long-sleeved pants, and apply anti-mosquito water to the exposed skin. Mosquito nets, mosquito coils, electric mosquito-repellent incense, etc. can be used to repel mosquitoes in the room. In the case of suspected dengue fever, you should go to the regular hospital in time to reduce the risk of exacerbation. It is not recommended to take medications on your own. Any medication should be directed by a professional doctor. It is important to keep it free of dehydration. In addition, each body is different, and the remedies are not suitable for anyone. Therefore, when local people recommend using remedies, they should also be cautious.


Travel insurance in Cambodia

The local people of Cambodia are simple and kind, most of them are devout Buddhists, so the law and order is quite reassuring. When leaving the hotel or hotel room, it is best to carry valuables with you or store them in the safe of your accommodation. On the way to the tour, you must take the road that people often walk, and don't shuttle through the jungle.


Emergency call in Cambodia

Ambulance: 119

Fire Alarm: 118

Alarm / Emergency Help: 117

Cambodia International Area Code: 855

Phnom Penh When Area Code: 23

Siem Reap Area Code: 63

Sihanoukdown Area Code: 34

Local Call: +855+ When Area Code (remove 0) + phone number

Consular Protection Hotline: 12-901923 (24-hour answer)

Address: 156 Blvd Mao Tse Toung Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Global Insurance and Service Emergency Call Center Tel: 0086-10-12308 or 0086-10-59913991.


Travel tips for insurance in Cambodia:

1、When walking out, it is best to walk two or more people, try to walk on the sidewalk away from the driveway, and put the bag on the side away from the driveway.

2、When going out, keep a high degree of vigilance, pay attention to avoiding traffic, and avoid playing mobile phones while walking.

3、When going out, it is best not to choose to ride a motorcycle. If you need to ride, you should wear a safety helmet.

4、When going out in a tuktuk (motorized convertible), you should choose a tuktuk with a protective fence or a curtain to cover it. Be careful to put the carry-on bag on the inside of the compartment, do not call the phone outside the armrest, take pictures, etc.

5、When driving out, you must carry out a safety check on the car before you go. Observe local traffic regulations, maintain safe speed, do not speed, drunk driving.

6、The medical environment in Cambodia is relatively backward. Please bring your own medicines according to your own situation, and related medicines to prevent mosquito bites.

7、Don't drink tap water, it's best to buy bottled water.

8、When you go to Angkor Wat, please wear sneakers. The summit is steep and you should pay attention to personal safety.

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