8 Best Beaches and Islands in Cambodia


When talking about Cambodia's attractions, everyone will think of the mysterious Angkor Wat, but do you know that Cambodia has 443 kilometers of beautiful coastline? The Cambodian coast also boasts one of the three most beautiful beaches in Asia and one of the most luxurious private island resorts on the coast of Southeast Asia. Cambodia's most beautiful coastline is basically in Sihanoukville, in the southwest of Cambodia.

Sihanoukville is the largest seaport in Cambodia and a relatively important tourist city in Cambodia. It is the famous three major tourist destinations in Cambodia, along with the capitals Phnom Penh and Angkor. It is also the second largest city outside the capital, Phnom Penh. There are blue sea coasts, white sandy beaches, coconut palm trees, clear water and young islands that have not been developed on a large scale, attracting foreign tourists to visit. Known as the “Beach of the king”, it is the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. Some people say that this is the next seaside resort in Asia after Phuket, Koh Samui and Bali. Its scenery and beaches are no less than Maldives and Palau, and the consumption here is low.


Best islands in Cambodia

1、Koh Rong Island

Koh Rong Island is the largest island in Cambodia. The island has been isolated for decades, allowing the pristine natural environment to be optimally preserved. Koh Rong Island has a wealth of natural attractions including coral reefs, tropical palm forests, rainforests, waterfalls, sparkling blue waters and 28 pure white sand beaches.

Cambodia's Lazy Beach in Koh Rong Island topped the list of the world's most beautiful beaches in 2017 when American National Geographic magazine selected the world's 21 most beautiful beaches. The Cambodian lazy beach is famous for its soft white sand and crystal clear waters.


2、Kon Rong Samloem Island

Kon Rong Samloem Island is the second largest island in Sihanoukville. Because it has not yet been developed and matured, the scenery is more primitive and pure. The beach here is beautiful, the sand is fine as milk powder, and the water is clear. The shape of the island is a dumbbell shape. The north and south are mountains. There are two beaches on the east and west sides.

There is a naturally formed heart-shaped harbor in the east. It is also an island shellfish natural area. If you want a pure holiday, this is definitely a good choice. It may be like a package anytime, anywhere. There is no shopping place on the island, and some are just heavenly scenery. Here, you can also experience snorkeling and see how the fish swim around and see how the beautiful corals have experienced a thousand years of growth. Finally, you can experience a 10 meter high platform diving at the top of the cruise to have a challenge.


3、Song Saa Private Island

This island was developed by a Australian couple. It spans the two pristine islands of Koh Ouen and Koh Bong, which is connected by a pedestrian-only wooden bridge, and offers spectacular views of tropical coral reefs and sunsets.  The island has a private resort with high privacy, private white sand beaches, large infinity pools and sea view villas with beautiful views and facilities, making it a great place for honeymoon trips and leisure breaks.


4、Koh Thonsáy Island

Koh Thonsáy Island is located the west coast of Cambodia, near Kep City. Kep is the smallest municipality in Cambodia. It is located near the Vietnamese border and faces the Gulf of Thailand. It has a total area of 336 square kilometers and a total population of 36,000. It is a famous summer resort in Cambodia.  Many tourists are attracted by the fine white sands here. The large sea area is very shallow, very suitable for swimming. You can see many corals and snorkeling on the sea floor.


Best beaches in Cambodia

1、Victory Beach

Victory Beach, located in the northwest corner of Sihanoukville, is over 2 kilometers long and is divided into two sections by reefs and hills. There are large cargo ships coming and going in the northern section. There are more tourists here. It is the best place for Sihanouk to watch the sunset. The southern section is also called Hawaii Beach and King Beach, where you can charter a boat.


2、Independence Beach

Independence Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sihanoukville. Sitting on this beach with a cold beer and eating cheaper seafood, it is a good time to look at the ferry in the distance.


3、Sokha Beach

Sokha Beach is the cleanest and quietest beach in Sihanoukville, with a coastline 1 km long. There are white sandy beaches and a peaceful sea floor. Here you can rent a sun lounger and lie down to soak up the sun. It is extremely comfortable.


4、Ochheuteal Beach

Ochheuteal Beach is one of the most lively beaches here. It is home to small bars, restaurants and seafood stalls. European and American tourists like to sunbathe here, they eat fresh seafood. At the same time, hawkers are constantly flowing. At night, the beautiful scenery of the stars that are lit up outdoors is absolutely unforgettable.

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