3 Famous Cambodian Traditional Dance Show


Apsara, Smile of Angkor and Cambodian Living Arts dance show are famous dance show in Cambodian performances. Cambodian dance, was first called "Fou-Nan". "Fou-Nan music" is a religious music dance with Cambodian Buddhist color. It first accepted the influence of Chinese and Indian culture, absorbed Indian and Chinese music and dance, and after digesting and sorting, created new art with its own national characteristics according to the characteristics of the nation.


Cambodian dance sort

There are two major categories of Cambodian dance: one is the classical dance that accepts the influence of India, and the other is folk dance. The most representative folk dance is the hibiscus dance. The performers use the raft to strike the sarcophagus to make a rhythmical song and dance.


Cambodian dance characteristics

The dance characteristics of Cambodia are: subtle, noble, elegant and steady. The dance style was formed in the 9th century Angkor dynasty. The Angkor dynasty established a large number of temples and pagodas mixed with Brahmanism and Buddhism in the Angkor area. Each spire is engraved with a giant face that gaze at the square and smile. The giant head has a lotus flower that fully reflects the era of ancient Cambodia. Spirit, the traditional dance of Cambodia reflects this spirit, which has been preserved and continues to today.


Cambodian traditional dance show

1、Apsara dance show

Cambodia is a country immersed in history and tradition. The classic Cambodian ballet or Apsara dance, is highly regarded throughout the country. It can be seen that the evidence of this exquisite dance form is engraved on the walls of ancient temples.

Apsara Dance: It is a famous Cambodian court dance that dates back to the establishment of Angkor Wat. In the 9th and 14th centuries, during the Angkor Dynasty, the Khmer culture developed to its heyday. A large number of dancers and musicians were kept in the courts and temples. Musical dance is an important part of the religious rituals in the royal temples. The dancers are regarded as human gods and enjoy a distinguished status.

Where to watch Apsara dance show?

Address: Sivutha Boulevard, Siem Reap Cambodia, Cambodia

Phone number: +855-63-21-12-34


2、Smile of Angkor dance show

Angkor's smile is a large-scale cultural tour of the Angkor dynasty in Cambodia. The whole drama selects the most representative cultural image of Angkor's cultural treasures and combines it with modern techniques. This performance is magnificent with a huge lineup and exquisite content. Using modern high-tech techniques, it condenses all the essences of the Angkor dynasty and presents a multi-dimensional space. It was praised by the audience as “The Museum of Culture and Art in Cambodia”.

The Smile of Angkor is 70 minutes long and is played every day from 19:15 to 20:25. A buffet dinner is included in the show package. Visitors enter the theater and watch the show after dining in the smiling restaurant. The whole performance is divided into 6 parts:

1) Ask the God

This part is the guide of the whole drama. Use a dialogue between a child and the four-faced god to guide the audience to explore the mystery of Angkor's millennium, the rise and fall of the dynasty, the cycle of life, and the contest between good and evil.

2) Chapter 1 : Brilliant Dynasty

This chapter is the first chapter of the whole drama, about the glory of the construction of the Angkor dynasty, the majestic column of soldiers and the candlelight dance of the palace, the dance of the gods, the dance of the gods and the goddess.

3) Chapter 2 : The Resurrection of the Gods

This chapter presents the most beautiful and mysterious reliefs and statues of Angkor, resurrecting the stories in the reliefs by various special means.

4)  Chapter 3 : Stirring the Milky Sea

This is an important story recurring in the relief of Angkor. It is a battle between good gods and demons. This is a complete chapter of narrative in this drama. It shows a balanced and harmonious eternal god between heaven and earth due to contradictions and struggles.

5) Chapter 4 : Pray of Life

This is a soothing and beautiful passage that runs through the holy atmosphere. The means are diverse and full of the Sanskrit of the Buddha's peace.

6) End

As the closing chapter of this drama, all kinds of stone smiles represent people's love for Angkor and the yearning for peace and prosperity. The splendid culture of Angkor belongs not only to the Cambodian people, but also to the whole world of people who love peace.

Where to watch Smile of angkor dance show?

Address: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Phone number: +855-97-45-11-717


3、Cambodian Living Arts dance show

Cambodian living arts dance show, also called Khmer cultural dance show, reflects ancestral Cambodian traditions and village life. This show supports local artists and art projects.

Where to watch Cambodian Living Arts dance show?

Address: Corner of Street 13 and Street 178 | National Museum of Cambodia, Sangkat Chey Chumneas, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh 12000, Cambodia

Phone number: +855 17 998 570

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