Shanghai Disney Resort


  • Location: No. 310, Huangzhao Road, Chuansha New Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China
  • Recommended reason: The first Disney Resort in China mainland
  • Opening hours: 9:00-22:00
  • Official website:


Shanghai Disney Resort is located in Pudong Area of Shanghai. It is the first Disney Resort in China mainland, the third one in Asia, and the sixth one in the world. Shanghai Disney Resort is the youngest one in the world at present, so it has the newest layout and the most exciting equipment. The design incorporates more high-tech elements, which makes Shanghai Disney Resort more attractive and popular.

Shanghai Disney Resort


History of Shanghai Disney Resort

The project of Shanghai Disney Resort got official approval in 2019 and chose Chuansha Town as the site of Shanghai Disney Resort. It was built in 2011 and opened officially on June 16, 2016. The amusement facility "TRON Lightcycle Power Run" of Shanghai Disney Resort is the first attraction among the global Disneyland. On April 18, 2019, Shanghai Disney Resort obtained the 8th China Food Health Seven Star Award.


The Structure of Shanghai Disney Resort

Covering a total area of 390 hectares, Shanghai Disney Resort possesses seven theme parks, including Mickey Avenue, Gardens of Imagination, Fantasyland, Adventure Isle, Treasure Cove, Tomorrowland and Toy Story. Besides, there are two theme hotels. One is Disneyland Hotel Shanghai with 420 chic rooms, the other is Toy Story Hotel with 800 rooms full of childishness.

Shanghai Disney Resort


Highlights of Shanghai Disney Resort

Mickey Avenue

Mickey Avenue is the birthplace of whims. Mickey and his friends, Minnie, Donald Duck, Daisy, Goofy and Bruto, etc., gather in this avenue. There is a big clock tower at the entrance of Shanghai Disney Resort. Its inspiration comes from the design of the classic Mickey watch. This colorful avenue is divided into four blocks. Tourists can embrace and take photos with their favorite Disney friends. Besides, there are an abundance of gifts and souvenirs on Mickey Avenue Shopping Street.


Gardens of Imagination

Gardens of Imagination is designed especially for Shanghai Disney Resort for celebrating the wonders of nature and the joys of imagination. Gardens of Imagination is composed of seven magic gardens with different styles. You can ride on the fantasia carousel for a whimsical spin filled with the grandeur and symphonic bliss of Disney's Fantasia, or fly the fantastical sky with Dumbo who is the new superstar at Gardens of Imagination. "Garden of Twelve Friends" is the world-first project in Shanghai Disney Resort. There are 12 large-scale mosaic murals that vividly depict the characters of Disney who embody the Chinese zodiac.

Shanghai Disney Resort


Fantasyland is the largest theme park in Shanghai Disney Resort. The most popular Enchanted Storybook Castle is located here. This fantastical palace brings legendary Disney storytelling to life. You can stand on the top of Enchanted Storybook Castle and overlook the fairytale village and magic forest or explore the scenes which ever happens in the Disney stories. People of all ages are deeply attracted by every corner of Fantasyland.


Adventure Isle

Roaming in the Adventure Isle, you will feel as if you were in a newly discovered ancient tribe. Tourists can join the “League of Adventurers” to excavate ancient tribal ruins. Everyone is adventurer here. Hiking through the waterfall and embark on an overall expedition to discover natural and wonders, or come across the world and time space in the Soaring Over the Horizon.


Treasure Cove

Treasure Cove in the Shanghai Disney Resort is the first pirate-themed Disney park in the world. All kinds of witty pirates live in Treasure Cove and look for exciting adventures. Join the team of the most charismatic Captain Jack to seek treasures and fight with monsters. The fierce collision of color, vision and music integrates the pirates' impetuous and happy-go-lucky personalities into all kinds of exotic cultures.

Shanghai Disney Resort


Tomorrowland in the Shanghai Disney Resort was built with an imaginative design, cutting-edge technology and systematized space utilization. It shows not only the endless possibilities of the future, but also the best combination of human beings, nature and technology. "Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue" will lead tourists to save the planet of aliens. "TRON Lightcycle Power Run" in the Shanghai Disney Resort is the first and the fastest indoor roller coasters in Disney theme park history.


Toy Story

Toy Story is a new park in the Shanghai Disney Resort. It opened in 2018 and presented a colorful and lively world for the public. Toys are given life here. Visitors will feel as if they have shrunk to the size of their favorite toys in the "Toy Story" movie and have fun in this immersive park.


Entertainment Programs

Shanghai Disney Resort not only includes numerous entertainment equipment and attractions, but also has many wonderful shows, such as "Eye of the Storm: Captain Jack's Stunt Spectacular", "Mickey's Storybook Express", "Frozen: A Sing-Along Celebration", "Ignite the Dream - A Nighttime Spectacular of Magic and Light", and so on.

Shanghai Disney Resort


Best time to visit Shanghai Disney Resort

♦ There is no peak season or low season for Shanghai Disney Resort, so you can visit it in all seasons.

♦ It may be a little crowded during the national holidays, summer holiday and Spring Festival.

♦ In general, the time of the parade of Shanghai Disney Resort is at 12:00 and the firework performance is at 20:30.


How to Get to Shanghai Disney Resort

♦ You can take the metro Line No.11 to Disney Station.

♦ You can take the public buses No. 50, 51 or 52 to the West Public Transit Hub (West PTH) or Qiaomiao Road Interchange Station.


Tips for visiting Shanghai Disney Resort

♦ Please take your ID card or passport.

♦ The opening hour depends on the season, holiday and special activity, so please check it out on the official website in advance.

♦ The selfie stick is not allowed in Shanghai Disney Resort.

♦ Remember to take the sunscreen, hat, umbrella, etc., but not sunscreen spray.

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