Nara Park

  • Location: Nara, Japan
  • Entrance fee: Free
  • Opening hours: All the day
  • Tel: +81 742-22-0375
  • Internet site:

Nara Park

Nara Park is located on the east side of Nara Street. Most famous attractions such as Mt. Wakakusa、Todai-ji Temple、Kasuga Grand Shrine and Nara National Museum are there. Nara Park is one of the pioneers of modern Japanese parks.

There are many playful deer in the park, and these deer are designated as national nature preserved animals. At any time of the year, there is an attractive landscape where you can take a leisurely walk.

In fact, Nara Park does not have strict walls and scope. All the green spaces next to Todai-ji Temple can be called Nara Park. In Nara Park, it includes: Nigatsu-do Temple, Kasuga Grand Shrine (ticket-600 yen), Mount Wakakusa (This is the highest mountain in Nara Park, you can climb a hill more than 300 meters high to overlook Nara city, ticket-500 yen).


How to visit Nara Park?

[Close to see cute deer]

The deer in Nara is very famous. The reason why many people go to Nara is that they go there to see deer. On the Nara Street, you can see the deer walking freely everywhere. Although it is easy to see the deer in Nara, Nara Park is still the most concentrated place for deer, so it is also called "Nara Deer Park".

In the park about 4 kilometers from east to west and about 2 kilometers from north to south, groups of deer can be seen everywhere. It is a great pleasure for tourists to get in touch with them. The deer are either squatting on the grass, playing with each other, or coming to you to bend their head and lick you, which is very flattering and cute. There are quite a few stalls selling deer cakes, each serving 150 yen, you can buy a bit to feed the deer. The clever deer will follow you when they smell the deer cake in your hand. Be sure to pay attention to safety when feeding the deer to avoid being bitten or kicked by the deer.

[Visit the antique temple and shrine]

In addition to the cute deer group, temples and shrines around the park are also places to attract tourists. The flowing water, ponds and creeks also add a lot of color to the park, and the large roofs and towers of the temple can be seen in the woods.

In the north, it is Todai-ji Temple. Its magnificent Buddha Hall is the world's largest wooden ancient building. It can see the world's largest bronze Buddha statue in the temple. It can also overlook the scenery of Nara in the Nigatsu-do Temple.

In the southeast, there is Kasuga Grand Shrine, which is surrounded by lush green vegetation and looks antique and natural.  In the Lantern Festival Every year in February and August, thousands of lanterns will be illuminated to create a wonderful and sacred scene in the stone road leading to the main hall.

[Visit nearby attractions]

In addition, Nara National Museum, Isuien Garden and Kofuku-ji Temple and other attractions are also nearby, so you can visit.


How to get to Nara Park?

  • a. Take the Kintetsu Kyoto Express train from Kyoto Station to Kintetsu Nara Station for about 40 minutes.
  • b. Take the Kintetsu Namba-Nara Line Express train from Kintetsu Namba Station to Kintetsu Nara Station for about 35 minutes.


Tips for feeding deer in Nara Park

  • There are many deer in the park. The deer looks docile and the actual temper is not so good. Especially the male deer, when they are in a bad mood, they will fight each other for the food. Pay attention to the following points when feeding deer:
  • Deer are generally hungry in the morning, and their temper will be worse. In the morning, it is best not to do things that make them angry.
  • Don't try to use food to tease deer, deer will be angry.
  • Be careful not to be blocked by the deer when feeding. Do not easily expose your deer cake. If the deer knows that you have deer cake, they will not easily let you go.
  • Avoid make horned male deer angry when contacting with them. If they attack you, you may be injured.

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