Kuang Si Waterfall

  • Location: 30 kilometers away in the south of Luang Prabang, Laos
  • Entrance Ticket: 20000Kip/person (tourists under 12 years old can enjoy free entrance)
  • Opening Hours: 08:00-17:30

Kuang Si Waterfall

Kuang Si Waterfall is located 30 kilometers south of Luang Prabang. It is a multi-layered and broad waterfall group with breathtaking natural scenery. It can be reached by car, motorcycle, or local Tuk-Tuk from Luang Prabang. The waterfall has a maximum drop of 100 meters. The scenic area is lush with vegetation. It is a good place to avoid the summer heat.


About Kuang Si Waterfall

Kuang Si Waterfall is not characterized by the size and number of the waterfalls, but by the color of the water. The water in the falls is in beautiful turquoise color, which looks especially obvious in the pools under the waterfalls. This unusual color is the result of the interaction of limestone and carbon dioxide-rich water. The dissolved carbonate brings a wonderful azure color to the waterfall.

The three-tiered waterfall cascades down into a number of pools with turquoise water. Many locals and foreigners play or swim in the water with joy when they travel there. In addition, it is kindly reminded that you don't have to hurry to go ashore in the waterhole after you play or swim in the waterhole. There are many small fish that would eat cuticle in the waterhole. You can enjoy a free natural full-body fish spa in the water.

While you are touring in the scenic area, you can even hear the roar of black bears, but you don't have to be afraid. These black bears come from the Himalayan Black Bear Rescue Center nearby. They were rescued from poachers. The black bear is a kind of rare species that is on the verge of extinction, and it has been included in the Red Book of Endangered Animals.

The largest waterfall is formed during the rainy season (August to November), and rainwater is the main water source for Kuang Si Waterfall. Especially in October, the water flows dramatically, and the spectacle is magnificent. In the dry season, the water flow of the waterfall is much smaller.

There is a path on the right side of the waterfall. Tourists hike along this path through the humid jungle that can reach up to the top of the mountain. There are also many natural swimming pools filled with clear spring water on the top tier of the waterfall.

Kuang Si Waterfall


What to Do at Kuang Si Waterfalls

It's definitely worth a day trip to visit Kuang Si Waterfalls, as there are so many interesting things to do there.


Remember to bring your bathing suit when you visit Kuang Si Waterfalls. Tourists are allowed to enjoy swimming in the natural pools created by the water stream under the waterfalls. But please cover your body. No bare chests. No Bikini tops. Getting a refreshing dip in the water on a hot day would be enjoyable. If you are taking a family trip with a child, you can have fun splashing water in the pool together. When you are tired, you can also rest your back against a rock beside the pool and let the water give your body a relaxing massage. There may be some small fishes nibbling your skip in the water. Don't Panic! It is a free full-body “fish spa” for you.

While you are swimming in the natural pools, please be careful when entering the pools because the stones are slippery, and some are sharp. Don't get hurt.

Visit Black Bear Rescue Center

There is a Black Bear Rescue Center near to the waterfalls. If you are interested in wild animals or traveling with kids, you can also visit the Black Bear Rescue Center nearby. All the bears in this center were rescued from poachers. Now they are well cared for by professional veterinarians.

Exploring the Waterfalls by hiking Forest and Wildlife Discovery Trail

There is a path along the waterfalls. Tourists can climb to the top of the falls along the path. You can hike along the trail to see the breathtaking scenery on the way. From the wooden footbridge at the bottom of the falls, you can see the best view. But the path is a little slippery and steep, remember to wear antiskid shoes or walk barefoot. It would take just approximately 10 to 15 minutes of walking to reach the top if you hardly stop.

Kuang Si Waterfall


How to Get to Kuang Si Waterfall

Kuang Si Waterfall is located 30KM away from the central area of Luang Prabang. There are usually three ways for tourists to get to Kuang Si Waterfall.

  1. You can take a Tuk-Tuk to get there. It costs about 40000Kip to 50000Kip per person and takes about 50 minutes on the way.
  2. You can rent a bike or motorbike and go there by yourself. The rental for motorbike is 150000Kip to 300000Kip per day, and it takes about 50 minutes by motorbike. The rental by bike is about 40000Kip to 80000Kip per day, and it takes about 2 hours by cycling.
  3. Tourists can also book a day trip to visit Kuang Si Waterfall in a travel agent. It usually includes round-way transfer from the hotel by minibus, and the expense for a day trip to Kuang Si Waterfall is about 50000Kip per person.

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