Arashiyama in Kyoto

  • Location: western surburb of Kyoto
  • Tel: +81-75-331-0814
  • Price for ticket: Free
  • Opening hours: All the time

Arashiyama is a natural tourist attraction in the western suburbs of Kyoto, including the surrounding areas of the Moon Crossing Bridge and the Sagano area. The cherry blossoms in the spring and the red maples in the autumn are very famous here, attracting a large number of tourists. It is often difficult to get a ticket for the Sagano train for Arashiyama. The winter and summer seasons are very quiet.

The beautiful scenery of the Bamboo forest also reveals the unique charm of Kyoto. There are many well-known monasteries and shrines scattered around Arashiyama. Tenryū-ji Temple is a world heritage level monument. Arashiyama is a nationally designated Historic Site.

[Iconic landscape-Moon Crossing Bridge]

Moon Crossing Bridge

The Moon Crossing Bridge crossing Oigawa River is the iconic landscape of Mount Lu, and the bridge that retains the wooden structure and the wooded mountains behind it form a beautiful landscape.

The Arashiyama Park next to the Oigawa River is an excellent place to relax, and has planted a large area of cherry blossoms and maple forests. When the cherry blossoms bloom in early April and the maple leaves turn red in mid-November, the scenery is particularly spectacular, attracting many tourists to come here. In December, there will be a Lantern Festival in this area. At that time, lanterns will be hung on the streets.


[Temple and shrine]

Temple and shrine

There are many temples and shrines in the area around Arashiyama, and the Tenryū-ji Temple is a must-see in Arashiyama. Tenryū-ji Temple is famous for its exquisite landscape of garden and is known as the leader of “Kyoto Five Great Zen Temples”. Many people pray for academic success here. In the north side of the Tenryū-ji Temple, there is a Nonomiya Shrine, which is said to pray for marriage and multi-child.


[Arashiyama bamboo forest]

Arashiyama bamboo forest

Between the north side of the Tenryū-ji Temple and the Nonomiya Shrine, there is a long wild bamboo forest. There are full of towering " Nonomiya Bamboo", which is a popular tourist spot in the Arashiyama area.

Walking in the bamboo forest in the summer, you can feel the leisurely mood and the breeze. While in the Arashiyama Lantern Festival, people will light up the lanterns. It is unique and funny in the winter.


How to visit Arashiyama?

There are many sightseeing spots in the area around Arashiyama, and the range is relatively large. It takes half a day or one day to visit. After arriving in Arashiyama, you can take the Arashiyama romantic train from Torokko Sagan Station to Torokko Kameoka Station and enjoy the scenery along the way. Then, take the train back and get off at the Arashiyama Station. Walk along the road to visit the more concentrated attractions such as the Wild Bamboo Forest and the Tenryū-ji Temple, all the way to the south to the iconic Moon Crossing Bridge and Arashiyama Park.

If you have plenty of time, you can consider rafting from Kameoka or returning to the Moon Crossing Bridge after a one-way train ride. You can also rent a bicycle near the Arashiyama Station to go north. Of course, you can also visit the temples and shrines first. Take the small train tour as the last part of the itinerary, and then take the JR and other rail transits back to Kyoto.

[Sightseeing by cycling]

Cycling is a good way to travel around the Arashiyama. It is comfortable to ride between the suburbs and temples. You can also go to the Arashiyama monkey park on the mountain. You can not only see many wild monkeys, but also to see the beauty of Kyoto. You can find a shop that rents bicycles near the Arashiyama Station. The rent is generally 1,000 yen/day.

[Sightseeing by train]

Sagano train

It is a very romantic thing to take a Sagano train to visit Arashiyama. The train runs between Torokko Sagan Station and Torokko Kameoka Station, and the scenery along the way varies.

The one-way time is about 25 minutes. It takes 620 yen. The operation date is from March 1st to December 29th (closed on Wednesday). There are more tourists when viewing cherry blossoms and red maple leaves. It is best to make an appointment in advance. You can visit for more details.

[Sightseeing by boat]

If you have plenty of time, you can go to Kameoka to experience a rafting or a boat trip. If you take a boat trip, you can cross the picturesque gorge and pass through several rushing passages to reach the Moon Crossing Bridge in Arashiyama.


How to get Arashiyama?

  • a. Take the Miyajima Line and get off at Arashiyama Station.
  • b. Take the Hayama Line and get off at Arashiyama Station.

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