Top 9 Things to Do in Sri Lanka

Although Sri Lanka is small, its tourism resources are extremely rich. In this country, travelers can feel different styles of fun. The top 9 things to do in Sri Lanka will enable visitors to fully understand local customs and get a better understanding of the local lifestyle.


1. Climb the eighth wonder of the world

Sigiriya Lion Rock in Sri Lanka enjoys a wide variety of reputations. In addition to the well-known "one of the eighth wonders of the world", it is also known as the true "Heaven Palace". This huge rock protruding high on the flat ground is an ancient palace in Sri Lanka. As you climb up step by step, you can marvel at the majesty and incredibility of this palace. On this huge rock, you can admire the famous Sigiriya fresco from the spiral staircase. Finally, you can climb to the top and watch the tropical rainforest at sunset.


Sigiriya Lion Rock

Sigiriya Lion Rock


2. Feel the holiness of the Buddha Tooth Festival

The ancient city of Kandy, known for its Buddhist shrines, was the last capital under the reign of king Sinhala. As a national treasure, the Buddha Tooth Temple is famous for its collection of the tooth relics of Buddha Shakyamuni. It is the temple most respected by the locals. When the bus passes the temple, it generally stops to allow the people on the bus to worship.


Buddha Tooth Temple

Buddha Tooth Temple


The most shocking scene in the temple is the pious pilgrimage of the locals holding flowers. There are hundreds of people throughout the hall, but there is no sound that would calm the hearts of tourists. The 10-day Buddha Tooth Festival takes place here every August. This is one of the largest Buddhist festivals in the world and attracts Buddhists and thousands of tourists from all over the world.


3. Take the mountain train and sea train

Sri Lanka is hailed as the "country with the most beautiful railway lines in the world" by many travel magazines. Among them, there are two most beautiful sections, one is the "mountain train" that shuttles about two kilometers above sea level, and the other is the "sea train" closest to the beach.


Mountain train in Nuwara Eliya

Mountain train in Nuwara Eliya


From the ancient city of Kandy to the mountain town of Nuwara Eliya, this railway travels through villages, farmlands, mountains, valleys and tea plantations. The landscape on the way is definitely a paradise for the visitors. The old iron train shuttles between the tea plantation and the cave. In the fog of the mountains it seems to have entered a green wonderland.


Sea train in Galle

Sea train in Galle


The southwest coast from Galle Fort to Colombo is comparable to the sea in Hayao Miyazaki's film Spirited Away. Near Colombo, the railway line is very close to the sea, sometimes just a few meters from the shore. Although the interior of the train is relatively simple and outdated, the scene of the red train driving on the beach and ocean is like animation. This type of mountain train is not very fast. Most of the windows on the train can be opened, and people can lean over to get close to nature.


4. Visit the elephant orphanage

The elephant orphanage mainly adopts young elephants who are homeless, seriously injured in traps, lost from the group, wounded in the war and sick. It's a very caring charity. The most famous elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka is called Pinnawala and is an hour and a half drive from Negombo. It is currently one of only two elephant orphanages in the world where elephants can bathe in the river. The most surprising thing is that there is a special souvenir called elephant dung paper, which is made from elephant dung.


elephant orphanage

Elephant orphanage


5. Relax by the sea

Sri Lanka is like a summer all year round, with an average annual temperature of 28°C and a water temperature of 29-30°C. The southwest coast of Sri Lanka has an excellent coastal landscape. Well-developed and charming resorts are lined up by the sea. Starting from Colombo, Negombo, Bentota, Hikkaduwa, Galle and Mirissa, there are popular seaside resorts with high-quality sandy beaches. In addition, the town of Trincomalee on the northeast coast is even more mysterious due to the presence of whales. Large numbers of divers come here from March to May every year to watch whales.


Sri Lanka coastal landscape

Sri Lanka coastal landscape


6. Observe stilt fishermen at sea

Stilt fishermen used to be the most representative scene in Sri Lanka. They are mainly concentrated in the shallow waters of the southwest coast from Galle to Mirissa. It is said that fishing on stilts is a fishing method invented by a fisherman who did not have the money to buy a boat. Fishermen usually fish for sardines on the beach in the morning and evening. The most amazing thing is that these fishermen don't use bait at all. Currently, almost all stilt fishermen on the Sri Lankan coast are performers and charge around 1,000 rupees from tourists. Very few fishermen use this method to fish.


stilt fishermen

Stilt fishermen


7. Walk in the tea garden and try Ceylon black tea

Speaking of Sri Lanka, the first thing that comes to mind is Ceylon black tea. If you come to Sri Lanka, you cannot miss the black tea made here. Ceylon black tea is known as one of the three most important black teas in the world. Its tea taste is mild and unforgettable. Milk tea made from this black tea is also a must for local delicacies. Even if you don't want to drink tea, you can visit the tea plantations in Sri Lanka. The scent of tea in the mountains will definitely leave you intoxicated.


Nuwara Eliya Tea Garden

Nuwara Eliya Tea Garden


8. Safari in the Yala national park

If you want to go on safari, you don't have to go to the remote East African savannah. The Yala National Park in Sri Lanka can also fulfill this wish. Take a jeep into the jungle and observe the most primitive life of wild animals. At Yala Nature Park, you can observe how elephants drink water, cheetahs run, hippos bathe and crocodiles sleep. You can only experience that excitement by coming here.

Yala National park

Yala National park


9. Wear a traditional saree

In Sri Lanka and India, sari or saree is a dress that locals wear in their daily life. Wearing local clothing allows travelers to blend in better with the local environment, which is a different experience as well. Sari is actually a long piece of fabric that is turned into clothing by wrapping, rolling, etc. The colors of the sari are bright and varied. So, when you come to Sri Lanka, you can choose a saree that you like.


Sri Lanka Sari

Sri Lanka Sari


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