Top 6 Attractions in Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang used to be the capital of Laos, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. The buildings here have a variety of styles, such as the gold-domed monasteries and the ruins of French colonial architecture. Luang Prabang is rich in tourism resources; whether you want to experience cultural customs, or to feel the natural scenery, it can always satisfy you. Let's explore the following top 6 attractions in Luang Prabang.


1. Kuang Si Falls

Kuang Si Falls, located 30 kilometers to the south of Luang Prabang, is a three-tiered waterfall with a maximum drop of 100 meters, the vegetation is lush in the scenic area. The three-story waterfall cascades down, creating pools of turquoise water. In addition, if you play in the pool, do not rush to land. There're a lot of fish in the pool that could eat dead skin, which will make you enjoy a natural, free fish therapy.

Top 6 Attractions in Luang Prabang


2. Alms Giving Ceremony

In Luang Prabang, Laos, there has been an unchanging tradition for more than 500 years. Every morning at six or seven o'clock, some local women will take their early cooked rice and other food to the street. They would kneel down in the street and wait for the monks to come and beg for alms (their food for the day).


3. Mount Phousi

Mount Phousi is 100 meters high, located in the heart of Luang Prabang's old city, flanked by the Mekong and Khan River. This mountain is a religious sanctuary throughout the whole city, with several temples scattered across the hills that visitors can explore on their way up. Wat Pa Huak, is located at the north of the Palace Museum, with exquisitely carved wooden frames and relatively intact original 19th-century murals. That Chomsi is the highest point on the mountain and the starting point of the annual Lao New Year parade. In addition, Mount Phousi is the vantage point of the old town, and many visitors will choose it as a sunrise and sunset viewing spot.


4. Wat Xieng Thong

Wat Xieng Thong is the most magnificent and beautiful temple in Luang Prabang, located near the Mekong River, was built by King Setthathirat in 1560 and was the private property of the royal family until 1975. The main hall of the temple represents the classic Luang Prabang temple architecture style. The roof covered with Falun is supported by ornate wooden pillars, and the tree of life is especially spectacular with various colored glass inlaid on the rear wall, which is the biggest highlight of the temple.

"Resplendent" is extremely suitable to describe the Xiengtong temple. The lintels of the temple are engraved with delicate patterns of workmanship, which forms a bright and conspicuous contrast with the black temple wall.

Top 6 Attractions in Luang Prabang


5. Royal Palace Museum

The Palace Museum is located on Th Sisavang Vong Street. If you are interested in history, you won’t miss it. The palace's converted museum displays a variety of royal religious artifacts in its grand entrance hall, as well as rare Buddhist statues collected from India, Cambodia and Laos. The room in the front right corner of the palace is open to the public and contains the museum's most valuable works of art, including Pha Bang, the standing golden Buddha for whom the town is named.

The frescoes on the walls of the king's reception hall were painted in 1930 by the French painter Alixde Fautereau, depicting traditional life in Laos.

Top 6 Attractions in Luang Prabang


Elephant Village

The elephants here are rescued in illegal conditions to free them from cruel logging work. The mission of the elephant conservation village is to help the elephants avoid abuse, get professional veterinarians to take care of them, and train them to live in a good environment. In addition to being an elephant conservation base, it is also a resort rich in recreational activities. Taking a basic Mahout training course, feeding the elephants, caring for them at the elephant hospital, trekking through the jungle and visiting the charming Tad Sae Falls are all great fun. You won't miss riding elephants through forests and rivers here. Moreover, there is a wealth of Lao cuisine, luxury accommodations; you could enjoy a pleasant and relaxing holiday trip.

Top 6 Attractions in Luang Prabang

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