Israel Travel Tips

Israel is a country located in the Western Levant region, bordered by Lebanon to the north, Syria and Jordan to the east, and Egypt to the southwest. The capital is Tel Aviv, the national bird is the hoopoe, and the national flowers are the olive and anemone. The main food of the Jews is noodles and rice. They generally like to eat western food and drink some liquor and other beverages in moderation. Influenced by religious factors, Israel's food is diverse and has a strong Jewish dietary tradition. Here you can taste the delicacies of Arab countries, the distinctive salads, meats and other Israeli delicacies, which are varied, endless and rich.


There are many types of accommodation in Israel, ranging from hotels, apartments to collective farms, settlements and entertainment villages, and the grades and types are very complete. If you come to Israel during peak tourist season (usually January to August, which varies by region) or religious holidays, it is best to book your hotel months in advance. When shopping in Israel, all kinds of religious-related tourist commemorations are undoubtedly the first choice. Many handicrafts here have strong religious and Jewish national characteristics, such as various Jewish candlesticks, gems, gold and silver products of various styles, wooden handicrafts made of olive trees, etc. Ornamental value, practical value and commemorative value. In this page, you can learn more about the best time to visit Israel, top things to do in Israel, best food to eat in Israel, top hotels to choose in Israel, and some other travel tips you might want to know.

Money & Costs in Israel

The Israeli New Shekel is divided into banknotes and coinage. Banknotes come in 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 NIS denominations. In Israel, you can exchange US dollars for shekels, not at a bank, but at a currency exchange office.

Transport in Israel

What are the modes of transportation in Israel? Israel is a small country and you can easily travel between places in a short time. Public transportation in Israel is convenient and efficient, with reasonable charges and networks all over the country.

Where is Israel

Where is Israel? Israel, a country in the Levant region of Western Asia, is located in the southeast of the Mediterranean Sea, bordered by Syria and Jordan to the east, Lebanon to the north, and Egypt to the southwest.

Best Time to Travel to Israel

When is the best time to travel to Israel? Israel Travel Guide & Best Time to Israel: Israel is full of sunshine from April to October every year, which is the best season for travel. Peak season occurs in July-August.