Transport in Israel

Israel is a small country and you can easily travel between places in a short time. Public transportation in Israel is convenient and efficient, with reasonable charges and networks all over the country. Israel Railways provides you with convenient and inexpensive services. You can also opt for a taxi, but it is more expensive, especially when going to and from cities; so shared taxis can be a good compromise.



Aviation is an important means of transportation for Israel to communicate with the outside world. Israel's national airline flies to four continents and has regular flights to New York and Europe. After the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and China, the tourism business has been developed. At present, EL AL has started direct flights from Tel Aviv to Beijing. Tel Aviv's direct route to Beijing not only provides convenience for Israeli and European tourists to China, but also opens up the best route for Southeast Asian tourists to visit countries on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean.



In recent years, the scope and level of service of the Israeli Railways has greatly increased: more trains to more destinations, more train stations in big cities, and more comfortable train rides. Students and seniors can enjoy discounted fares with their student card or ID card.


Due to heavy road traffic congestion in many cities, we recommend that you travel by train whenever possible. Trains from Tel Aviv reach most cities in Israel, from Nahariya in the north to Dimona in the south, including Jerusalem and Ben Gurion Airport. Passengers can buy tickets at ticket windows and automatic ticket machines at train stations. You can also book in advance. Hot and cold drinks, snacks and sandwiches are available on most trains. Trains are suspended on Shabbat and Jewish holidays.




Intra-city and inter-city taxi services are available anywhere in the country. The city is billed by the odometer. Intercity fares are regulated by the Ministry of Communications. It is recommended that you check the relevant fees before boarding. You can book a taxi by phone at the local taxi station, or hail a taxi directly on the street.


The starting price in the city is NIS 10.60. The average cost is around NIS 25. There is a fee of NIS 3.50 when booking a car by phone. Non-hand luggage bags are charged NIS 2.90 each. 25% additional nightly rate from 9:00pm to 5:29am. This rate also applies to Shabbat and public holidays. When taking a taxi in the city, the driver must turn on the meter. If you are not familiar with the price of the journey, please do not negotiate with the driver!


Minibus taxi service

Minibus taxis have the same fixed intra-city and inter-city routes as buses. Rates depend on distance. Many times it is equal to or slightly less than the bus fare. Minibus taxis have fixed stops, but also stop along the way at the request of passengers. Some central lines will also operate as usual on Sabbath. Driving hours are not fixed: you can go when you are full. Therefore, before choosing a minibus taxi, it is best to consider whether there is time to wait for the car to be full of people before setting off.


Intercity minibus taxi

  • From Tel Aviv to: Jerusalem, Haifa, Netanya, Pita Tiwa, Lihovot, Rhodes, Ramle, Hadera, Afra, Eilat, Nazareth and other stations along the route - Minibus taxis depart from Tel Aviv's new central bus station;
  • From Jerusalem to: Tel Aviv, Lihovot, Haifa, Eilat and other stations along the line - minibus taxis depart from the Central Bus Station;
  • From Haifa to: Tel Aviv and Jerusalem - minibus taxis depart from He-Kaluz Street near Ha-Neviyim Street in Hadar district;
  • From Eilat to: Tel Aviv and Jerusalem - minibus taxis from the central bus station;
  • From Tiberias to: Tel Aviv - minibus taxis from the central bus station;
  • From Bel Sheva to: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and stops along the way - minibus taxis leave from the central bus station;
  • From Nataya to: Tel Aviv - Minibus taxis depart from the Central Bus Station.


City minibus taxi

  • Tel Aviv - stops at all bus stops of Dan Bus Company. The rate is slightly lower than the bus. Passengers can get off the bus at any time and are not limited to the specified bus stops. 4, 5, 16 and other routes of these minibuses operate as usual on Sabbath;
  • Jerusalem - mainly stops at the Eiger bus stop;
  • Eilat - There is no local minibus taxi service in Eilat;
  • Haifa - mainly stops at the Eiger bus station. Some lines also operate as usual on Sabbath;
  • Tiberias - no local minibus taxi service;
  • Beer Sheva - mainly stops at Dan Metro Bus Station;



Car rental

Most international and domestic car rental companies have offices in major cities and Ben Gurion Airport. It is recommended that you book directly abroad. To rent a car in Israel you must be at least 21 years old, have a valid international driver's license and an international credit card. Keep right on Israeli highways. Israel's road network is well connected, with clear road signs (available in Hebrew, English and Arabic) in most places. Finding your way in big cities can be a little more difficult, but streets are marked, and you can also use a map or ask for directions.


Tips for transport in Israel

  • In Israel, if tourists want to go to distant places, it is better to take Sherut than to take a taxi. Sherut refers to the use of a seven-seater bus to carry passengers. It has the same appearance as a taxi and is cheaper because it is a shared ride. It is very popular because Sherut is also available on Saturdays.
  • The main routes are: Ben Gurion International Airport-Jerusalem, Tel Aviv-Jerusalem, and the flights are very frequent. Some routes between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are reservation-only, but most routes can be driven at any time as long as seven people are seated.

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