Top 9 Handicrafts and Souvenirs of Israel

Shopping is definitely one of the essential parts of the journey, but some friends often complain that they don't know what to buy when they arrive in Israel. In fact, in addition to red wine, Dead Sea cosmetics and olive oil, the origin of some well-known brands is in Israel. So what souvenirs are worth buying when traveling to Israel?


1. Red wine

The history of winemaking in Israel dates back to 1250 BC when Moses led the Jews out of Egypt. In ancient Greece, Israel planted many grapes and began to have a history of citing wine. The narrow and long country makes Israel have many different climate zones: the coastal plains, the mountainous plateaus in the north and the desert areas in the south; the large temperature difference between morning and evening makes it easy to grow sweet fruits, so Israel has an excellent geographical location. Advantage. Its grape varieties are mainly international varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Gewurztraminer, etc. are planted, and the varieties are still very rich and diverse.



2. Religious gadgets

There are rich religious souvenirs in Jerusalem and other places: exquisite blue and white Armenian porcelain, Jerusalem handicrafts, silver wine utensils and lunch boxes, as well as quaint olive wood carvings and shell ornaments, exquisite Bibles, Tibetan Bible boxes, holy maps Books and more, these souvenirs will remind you of an unforgettable trip to Israel anytime, anywhere.


3. Loose diamonds

Israel is one of the five major diamond centers of time. Nearly half of the "loose diamonds" in the world are cut in the Israel Diamond Exchange Center and processed into various high-end diamond jewelry, which are brilliant and luxurious. Israeli diamond products are recognized as the most advanced diamond products in the world, and Israel's "cutting" and "polishing techniques" are unique in the world. The well-known "Da Vinci Code" diamond - 62 facets, the internal 3 pentagonal cutting process comes from Israel.



4. Dead Sea Skincare AHAVA

As a unique mineral treasure house in the world, the Dead Sea has accumulated rich minerals for thousands of years. AHAVA is developing a series of products based on this rich natural mineral active ingredients of the Dead Sea to stimulate the protection, cleansing and defense of skin cells themselves. The ability of external stimuli to protect skin moisture enhances anti-aging ability.


5. Olive wood crafts

The exquisite olive branch artwork made by the ingenious Israelis, it is meticulously crafted on the basis of the natural shape and texture of the branches, fully adding the rich imagination of the Israelis, making it a very ornamental piece It has also become the preferred souvenir for tourists visiting Israel.



6. King Date Palm

The king of Israel's date palm, produced in the Dead Sea area with the lowest altitude in the world and the richest mineral content in the soil, only 3 million kilograms are produced in the world every year, and it is the best of the date palms. The dietary fiber it contains is relatively slender, strong in the stomach, and easy to absorb. It contains very low fat and cholesterol, and is the first choice for slimming and beauty lovers.


7. Moroccanoil (Moroccan hair care essential oil)

Moroccanoil is a rising star in the beauty industry in recent years, mainly focusing on hair care products. Many European and American ladies are loyal supporters of the brand's hair care brand. Although the brand has received great popularity in European and American countries, the brand's origin is in Israel!


Among them, the ace product of this brand that is recommended to everyone is hair care essential oil. The hair care essential oil contains argan oil. When the hair is 70% to 80% dry, apply it to the ends of the hair to instantly soften and smooth the hair. Although the hair oil is a relatively thick liquid, it absorbs quickly when applied to the hair. So if you travel to Israel, whether it's shampoo products or celebrity hair care oils, you might as well bring a bottle. Not only is the price reasonable, but it is also absolutely authentic.


8. Gamila Secret Hair Oil Shampoo

Gamila is not as famous as Moroccanoil, but Gamila focuses on handmade soaps, named after the founder's mother-in-law Gamila. This brand, which was born in the Kadiraya region of northern Israel, has been carefully developed for decades, incorporating natural plant essence into each handmade soap.


The handmade soap uses different plant essences and is suitable for different skin types, and each handmade soap exudes the fragrance of pure plants. Because it is made of pure plants, the handmade soap is gentle and non-irritating. However, it should be reminded that the handmade soap should be soaked in warm water for about 20 seconds, rubbed with both hands until the handmade soap is brushed, then massage the face, and then rinse with water.


9. Sabon Wild Rose Handmade Soap

If you search for the brand Sabon in a search engine, it must be SabonNYC at the top. Maybe you will think that sabon is a local American brand, which is a big mistake! Sabon was founded in Tel Aviv in 1997 by two young people who started out with soap making, experimentally mixing different licorice and floral fragrances.


Now the product line has also developed into scrubs, body lotions and more. Although the product line is getting richer and richer, sabon still insists on incorporating the essence of natural plants and flowers into the products. At present, in addition to having stores in Israel, sabon also has stores in Europe and the United States.


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