Shopping in Israel

Speaking of Israel, the first thing that comes to mind is the conflict in Pakistan and the strong religious atmosphere in Israel. Yes, these are the tourist features of Israel, and this is one of the most appreciated places in Israel. But in addition to enjoying these religious atmospheres, Israel is not only a tourist destination, but also a shopping paradise. What are the must-see shopping malls in Israel? This article recommends shopping places recommended for traveling in Israel.


1. Tel Aviv shopping paradise

Tel Aviv is a shopping paradise in Israel. There are many shopping malls in the urban area, and there are many kinds of goods for sale. The citizens of Tel Aviv usually choose to go to the Jaffa flea market. Popular with travelers. At the intersection of Dizengoff Avenue and Rothschild Blvd Avenue in the city center, there is the Mann Auditorium Theater, the headquarters of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, and there are shopping centers, banks, discos and restaurants nearby. In the area of NaHalat BiNyamin, you will see many stalls selling folk handicrafts and accessories, and you can feel a bit of exotic customs.



2. Israel Diamond Center

In Israel's most famous Tel Aviv Diamond Exchange, Avi Tavisal established the Israel Diamond Center - IDC in 1986, which is the first and most attractive diamond platform ever, providing customers with guaranteed loose diamonds from the source and unprocessed jewelry of all kinds.



The Israel Diamond Exchange is one of the largest and most technologically advanced diamond markets in the world. The Exchange not only provides an umbrella-like organizational framework for international diamond processing, but also formulates a series of policies, member codes of conduct and relevant legal enforcement measures for fair trade based on transaction principles.



3. Nahalat Binyamin Arts and Crafts Market

The Nachlat Binyamin handicraft market is one of the most characteristic markets in Israel and is also known as one of the "most beautiful markets" in the world. Artists gather here, and you can find many unique and exquisite handicrafts. When you come to Tel Aviv, don't miss the art market on Nahalat Binyamin Street near Carmel Market every Tuesday and Friday. Artists make their own handicrafts on the spot, and you can buy a favorite here as a gift for yourself.



4. Jerusalem Mall

It is a relatively large Mall in the New City of Jerusalem. Locals and tourists like it there, from souvenir shops, to daily necessities, to cosmetics stores, supermarkets, to cafes and bookstores. Many things are much cheaper than in tourist areas, but Mahane Yehuda also has many small shops that are cheaper than here. But it's still very lively here at night, and it's good to eat and drink coffee.



5. The Flea Market

This place is not big, just a few streets away. Still, a great place to get a taste of Israeli life. All kinds of things are sold in the flea market, most of which are mainly handmade art. There are also some street performers who sing like this in the flea market, and there is a very life atmosphere here. Street stalls and shops here are closed on Saturdays. However, cafes, bars and restaurants will remain open.



6. Azrieli Center

The shape of this shopping center is more distinctive. It is composed of three buildings connected, and the shopping center is located at the bottom. The three buildings are triangular, circular and square buildings, so I also like to call this a geometric mall. Security checks are required to enter here, and the products are not usually very economical, so you can check them out during the discount season.

7. Mamilla Mall

Although a holy city with thousands of years of history, the shopping experience in Jerusalem is also very good. The main shopping place for foreign tourists is the Mamilla Mall pedestrian street outside the Jaffa Gate in the old city. Go down the steps outside the city gate. It is a collection of famous brands in the world, as well as high-end brand stores. The skin care brand AHAVA, which uses Dead Sea minerals as raw materials, also has a store here, which is very worth buying. The shops on both sides of the pedestrian street of Mamilla Mall basically support NIS and US dollar credit card billing. When a single transaction exceeds the national limit, the shop also provides a 19% VAT refund form, and you can go to the airport for tax refund when you leave the country.


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