Best 11 Traditional Dishes to Eat In Israel

The food culture of Israel is not only rich and varied. Jews scattered all over the world returned to their hometowns after ups and downs, and at the same time brought back the regional imprints that everyone once lived in, making the cooking skills and eating habits of different styles in Europe, Latin America, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia integrated with each other. With today's diversified Israeli flavors, it can be called a "melting pot" of food. Israeli cuisine brings a wonderful fusion of East and West! The Israeli food style is Mediterranean cuisine, mainly fish, fresh taste and small portion. Lunch is mainly salad, light and refreshing, suitable for the hot climate here. What are the must-eat foods in Israel?


1. Pita

Pita is a very popular staple food in Israel. The appearance is a bit like bread. It is a round cake. At first glance, it is a bit similar to Jiamo in northern China, but it is larger and thinner than Jiamo. The middle is hollow, like a pocket, so it is also called in some places. pocket bread.



2. Falafel

Falafel can be said to be the most popular fast food in the Middle East. The raw material is hummus, which is in the shape of small balls, golden yellow and slightly spicy. The way to taste falafel is to stuff them into Pita, dip them in yogurt sauce, or eat them together with a special local sesame sauce. Some people also use it as a food alone and taste it directly after frying. It is very crunchy. Quite delicious.



3. Homs

In Israel, almost everyone makes hummus, and it can be said that it is the traditional essence of Israeli food. This is a pure handmade soy product. The boiled chickpeas are ground and processed into a sauce by adding different seasonings according to personal taste.


4. Pancakes

The burrito is a Jewish dessert that has swept the world, consisting of cheese and flour. Israel is a typical immigrant country. There are Jewish immigrants from more than 70 countries, the most are Jewish immigrants from Poland, Hungary and Russia. These immigrants from different regions bring a variety of world-style food. Of course, typical Jewish "kosher" food is common, while Polish, Hungarian and Russian food styles are heavily represented, and Palestinians, mostly of Arab ethnicity, prefer North African and Mediterranean Arab styles of food.


5. Refreshing Salad

Israelis are creative in making salads, Turkish-style original diced vegetables, paired with fresh beetroot, avocado, roasted pumpkin, boiled lentils, etc. Drizzle with a few spoons of olive oil, add two spoons of tahini, a handful of pepper, and a healthy portion Here comes the nutritious salad.



6. Peter Fish

Lake Galilee is the most beautiful place in Israel, and the lake is clear, ideal for fishing and swimming. In addition, it is also rich in various fish, such as carp, saury, sardines and gills, etc. Some people even say that there are as many as 153 kinds of fish in this lake, because Jesus let Peter net 153 kinds of fish. A big fish, about to net one of each type of fish in the Lake of Galilee. But the most famous of Lake Galilee is the "Peter fish". To eat Peter fish, you must choose a restaurant on the shore of Lake Galilee. While enjoying the fresh delicacy and the scenery of the lake and mountains, you can overlook the Golan Heights, which is famous all over the world for its wine. It is both beautiful and enjoyable.



7. Grilled Kebab

Different from ordinary street barbecue, Kebab uses beef, lamb, and chicken as raw materials, and is carefully marinated overnight before cooking. During the grilling process, it should be roasted to the level of charred but not charred, and then sprinkled with various seasonings, the meat is full of fragrance.


8. Braid Bread Challah

Braided bread (Challah) is a traditional Jewish holiday bread, soft and delicious, shaped like a braid, carrying a beautiful meaning. Before the Sabbath or festival, the complete Challah braided bread is bound to appear on the table, covered with a white cloth, which not only implies the morning dew, but also looks clean and hygienic.


9. Various desserts

Creamy desserts such as malabi, sweet and delicious ice cream, and irresistible donuts, a few bites can make people very satisfied, with a cup of mint tea, refreshing and sweet.



10. Pomegranate Juice

Israeli pomegranates look blood red, but they are unusually sweet. The owner of the store will cut the pomegranate and use a juicer to squeeze the juice for you. This is a completely natural fresh juice taste without any additions.



11. Figs

Figs are a specialty of Israel and also have a special meaning in the Bible. Dried figs are also quite tasty.

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