Bali Guide

Bali is a small island in Indonesia with an area of ​​approximately 5.620 m² and a population of approximately 3.15 million. Bali is an ideal holiday destination in the minds of many people. The rich history, culture and natural landscapes can meet the needs of different travelers. What to do in Bali? If you want to relax, you can choose to admire the blue sea and the sunset on Jimbaran Beach. If you like adventure, diving, volcanic adventure, mountaineering and other options will definitely satisfy those who like outdoor activities. When to go to Bali? The rainy season is from October to March each year, and the dry season is the remaining months. Therefore, the best time to visit Bali is from May to September. In addition, if you make a trip to Bali, you will be interested in knowing where to stay and what to eat in Bali, etc. The Bali Guide section answers all these questions for you.