Best Time to Travel to Egypt

Egypt is a country with a long history. There are ancient relics such as pyramids and mummies here. Therefore, it is particularly mysterious in everyone's hearts, and many people want to go to Egypt to find out. However, there are many places to play in Egypt, and they are distributed in many cities. Different times have different attractions. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose the time to travel to Egypt. When is the best time to travel to Egypt? It is best to choose to travel to Egypt in winter. The best time to travel to Egypt is from October to February of the following year.


Climate of Egypt

Although Egypt is located in Africa, the average daily temperature is not high, because the temperature difference between morning and evening is very large. The Mediterranean and Red Sea coastal areas are affected by the humid oceanic climate, so the daily temperature difference is not large. Egypt is dry and rainy, and the climate is hot and dry. The south has a tropical desert climate, the Nile delta and the northern coastal areas have a subtropical Mediterranean climate, and most of the rest have a tropical desert climate.


Egypt has a Mediterranean climate with two distinct seasons, with summer from May to October each year. November-April is autumn, the climate is pleasant and the coldest temperature is above 0 degrees. The average daily maximum temperature in Egypt is in summer, which can reach 35.6°C. The lowest average daily maximum temperature is in winter, which is 23.5℃. In spring and autumn, it is 26.1 ℃ and 34.5 ℃ respectively. The average daily minimum temperature is 11.9°C in winter, 22.8°C in summer, and 13.3°C and 22.5°C in spring and summer, respectively. In mid-November, the daytime temperature is around 25 degrees and the night is around 15 degrees. Therefore, bring some cold clothes along with summer clothes. In summer, tour buses, restaurants, and restaurants are all air-conditioned. Please be sure to bring sunscreen and sunglasses for outdoor tours.



Best time to travel to Egypt

Most parts of Egypt are dry and rainy, and the climate is hot and dry. It is best to choose to travel in winter, but you should also do a good job of sun protection (required hats, sunglasses, sun protection clothing and sun protection products). Since Egypt belongs to a tropical desert climate, the temperature difference between day and night is large, so you should also protect yourself from cold (bring some thick clothes) .


The best time to travel to Egypt is from October to February of the following year. Egypt has a Mediterranean climate with two distinct seasons. From October to February of the following year, the temperature is suitable. Basically, you can choose to wear short sleeves to play outdoor activities. In the evening, you can add a coat. Other times are too dry and hot to travel there.


October to February of the following year is also the peak season for tourism in Egypt. There are many tourists in various scenic spots. At the same time, prices will rise, hotel air tickets will rise, and travel costs will also increase. However, if you choose to go to Egypt in summer, you will have to endure the scorching sun and heat, but there are fewer tourists in the relative attractions, you can enjoy the scenery of Egypt, and the cost will be lower than that of winter tourism. If you choose to go there in summer, you must avoid Ramadan, which starts in mid-to-late July every year. This month, the opening hours of attractions, shopping malls, and restaurants are not fixed, which is easy to cause trouble for travel.



Egypt travel notes

  • The northern part of Egypt has a Mediterranean climate, with warm winters and cool summers; the southern part has a tropical desert climate, dry and strong sunshine, with a large temperature difference between day and night. Except for the hot temperature (above 40 degrees) from June to August, which is not suitable for travel, other times are suitable for travel.
  • It is recommended to choose comfortable and breathable clothes, and do your sun protection homework at the same time - sunscreen, sunglasses, sun hats, and sun protection clothing can all be prepared. Due to the large temperature difference between morning and evening, bring some warm jackets to avoid getting cold at night.
  • Egypt is a religious country, and most of the local residents here believe in Islam, so Islam is also the state religion of Egypt. Due to the influence of religion, women's clothing should be avoided to be too revealing.
  • From the beginning of October to the beginning of November every year is the Egyptian fasting month (Ramadan), try to avoid traveling to Egypt at this time. During this month, from 5:00 am to 5:00 pm, Egyptians do not eat food, drink water, and are not allowed to smoke. Many shops and companies are closed, restaurants and cafes are closed, and a lively nightlife begins at night.
  • Most of Egypt is a desert area, with a dry climate and a large temperature difference between day and night, especially when camping in the Sahara Desert, it is freezing to the bone, pay attention to prevent heatstroke and cold and prevent sand and dust. Prepare lotion and drink plenty of water. At the same time, when traveling in the desert, pay attention to personal safety.
  • Most hotels in Egypt do not have disposable toiletries and slippers, and some hotels do not have kettles.


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