Five Popular Shopping Centers in Shanghai

As an international metropolis, Shanghai is always at the heading of fashion and is well-known as the "shopping paradise". Shopping must be on the top of your Shanghai visiting plan. A large number of brands and all kinds of commodities can meet all needs of consumers. It has not only luxuries of the shopping malls, but also cheap goods of wholesale markets. Here a complete introduction of the most famous shopping centers is listed for your reference.


1. Nanjing East Road

Nanjing East Road has long been known as "the first commercial street in China". In the early 20th century, four universal department stores in China, including the Wing on Department Store, the Sincere Company, Xinxin Company and Daxin Company, emerged in the Nanjing East Road. After that, businessmen from all walks of life opened hundreds of famous stores in this treasured place. Since then, Nanjing East Road became the most prosperous business street in Shanghai. With a length of 1,033 meters, more than 600 stores are gathering in the Nanjing East Road. On the one hand, many time-honored brands and restaurants have been innovated and become more popular. On the other hand, the brand-new shopping malls have sprung up, such as the Shanghai New World Holding Company, the Shanghai Landmark Department Store, the Shanghai Landmark Plaza, and so on, which formed a modern and elegant shopping center.

Nanjing East Road


2. Huaihai Road

Located in the People's Square of the Shanghai city center, Huaihai Road is one of the most prosperous business streets with various boutiques. With a length of 2.2km, it was founded in 1900. Huaihai Road is recognized as the most beautiful, modern, and romantic street in Shanghai. There is a department store complex covering the Shanghai Square, the Pacific Department Store, the Hong Kong Plaza, the Parkson Shopping Mall, etc. The clothing brands in the Parkson Shopping Mall are mainly in the middle range, so the prices are more favorable. Besides, there is a great variety of discount commodities at Parkson. It doesn't like some shopping malls only to have several unmarketable goods for sales.

Huaihai Road


3. Nanjing West Road

The section from Maoming Road to Jingan Temple is the best part of the Nanjing West Road business circle. Westgate Plaza, CITIC Pacific Plaza and Plaza 66 form a "golden triangle". It has not only excellent services, but also favorable shopping conditions. The Per capita commercial space of the CITIC Pacific Plaza and the Plaza 66 is over 1.5 square meters, which is more than the one of the developed countries. The standard per capita commercial space in the developed countries is 1.2 square meters. Consumers can enjoy comfortable shopping and don't need to worry about the crowded. What's more, there are plenty of international brands in the Nanjing West Road business circle for your choice.

Nanjing West Road


4. Xujiahui Business Circle

Xujiahui Business Circle is located in the junction of Huashan Road, Hongqiao Road, Caoxi North Road, Zhaojiabang Road and Hengshan Road. Xujiahui Business Circle is truly a consumer-friendly shopping center that has a strong breath of life. The four guardians, including the Orient Shopping Center, the Grand Gateway 66, the Pacific Department Store and Huijin Square, gather in the Xujiahui Business Circle. Many large-scale shopping malls form a business structure around Xujiahui Business Circle with rich format structure, distinctive features, dislocation competition, coexistence and co-prosperity. The Pacific Department Store is the most popular one because the commodities are on sales all year round. Many phoenix trees are planted on both sides of the lively Huaihai Road Commercial Street, which add a sense of romance and nostalgia. Taking a stroll on the Huaihai Road seems like wandering on the Avenue des champs-elysees of Paris. Besides, many coffee shops hide in the small lanes of Huaihai Road. After shopping, you can take a break and enjoy leisure time in one coffee shop.

Xujiahui Business Circle


5. Yaohan Business Circle

The business circle of the Pudong area is centered on Pudong South Road and Zhangyang Road. It consists of the Yaohan New Century Shopping Mall and the Times Square. The Yaohan is mainly department stores, while Times Square specializes in fashion goods. When you enter the Times Square, you will be deeply impressed by its graceful pattern. The international brands are mainly on the first and the second floor. Dazzling global top classic brands gather here. These goods are modern in style and popular, leading the fashion trend. There is even a tailor-made clubhouse on the second floor. The fashion shops on the third floor are tailored to young girls. There are a great number of girls' chic clothing. Besides, the traditional Chinese shops are on the fourth floor and sports stores are on the fifth floor. Yaohan is located in the opposite of the Times Square. Although the Yaohan Shopping Mall doesn't look so brilliant like the Times Square, it is also very popular among young people. No matter the styles, brands or prices, Yaohan Shopping Mall will never let you down.



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