Famous Indian Restaurants in Shanghai

As the development of Shanghai becomes more and more diversified, more and more people travel to Shanghai, and all kinds of restaurants flourish in Shanghai. You can taste a wide variety of delicious food from all over the world in Shanghai. Of course, there are many Indian restaurants with different levels for your choice. Indian cuisine is simple but delicate dishes with a combination of herbs and spices. These spices neither cover the original taste of the raw materials but bring out a variety of special flavors. This is the magic of Indian cuisine. Here are some famous Indian restaurants in Shanghai for your reference.


1. The Tandoor Indian Restaurant

Founded in 1992, the Tandoor Indian Restaurant is the first Indian restaurant in Shanghai. It is located in the Jinnan Building of Jin Jiang Hotel, Huangpu District, Shanghai. Although the area is not so big, the Tandoor Indian Restaurant is subtly decorated by the mirror, which makes the whole restaurant look spacious and bright. Besides, the handing Chinese characters and small decorations with Indian court style put a piece of the mysterious veil on the restaurant. When you open the heavy bronze door and step in the restaurant, you will have a sense of entering the royal palace of ancient India. With the classic interior design, the authentic taste, the considerate service, the romantic and mysterious atmosphere, the Tandoor Indian Restaurant has become one of the best exotic-theme restaurants in Southeast Asia. It also gets a good reputation "the paradise of foodies". Tandoor Indian Restaurant specializes in North Indian cuisine. The raw materials are mostly from India. There are many types of curry. If you are a curry-addict, you should not miss Tandoor Indian Restaurant, one of famous Indian restaurants in Shanghai.

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2. Indian Kitchen

There are many Indian restaurants in Shanghai, and most of them are mainly Northern styles. However, Indian Kitchen mainly serves traditional South Indian cuisines. It is located in No. 480, Minsheng Road, Pudong New District. The word "curry" is derived from southern India. There are all types of curries in the Indian Kitchen, such as the common yellow curry, the green curry with minty flavor, slightly spicy black curry, the white curry with milk flavor, the spicy red curry, etc. You can always find your favorite taste. All chefs are from India, so the taste is truly authentic and natural. The Indian Kitchen adheres to using the natural spices and herbs, combining with traditional Indian cooking methods, to ensure that the flavor of the dishes can be integrated with the food culture of various regions. Indian Kitchen always upholds the concept that creates a traditional and international Indian cooking skill to meet all the sensory needs of consumers. Every dish of the Indian Kitchen has its unique style and flavor, which is not able to be achieved by other simple curry powders in the world. The most popular dishes are the Roast Spring Chicken, the Hand Grab lamb chop, Spinach and Red Bean Chicken, and so on.

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3. VEDAS Indian Restaurant

Located in No.550, Jianguo West Road, Xuhui District, VEDAS Indian Restaurant is a relatively high-end Indian restaurant in Shanghai. The decoration of the EDAS Indian Restaurant is very exquisite and magnificent. The gorgeous settings, the wooden tables and chairs, the silver tableware reveals, the flashing chandeliers and candlesticks, all of these details show a strong exotic atmosphere. The Roasted Spring Chicken is highly recommended. All kinds of spices are slowly immersed in the chicken by fire roasting. The fresh roast chicken will be moved from the oven to the table directly. The children's skin is very crispy, and it should be eaten while it is hot. The meat is tender and chewy, but not dry. Besides, the Thousand-layer Scones are also one of the must-eat cuisines in the VEDAS Indian Restaurant. Tear it into pieces and smear it with a thick layer of curry. You will never forget this wonderful flavor.

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4. Lotus Land Indian Cuisine Restaurant

Located in No. 12, Alley 274, Taikang Road, Lotus Land Indian Cuisine Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Shanghai. The restaurant is divided into indoor, seating and outdoor. The most attractive part of the Lotus Land Indian Cuisine Restaurant is the tatami sofa seating that is very suitable to enjoy the food here with friends. Indians like to bake food by the cylindrical Tandoor to maintain the original taste of the food, so you will see many signature dishes of the Lotus Land Indian Cuisine Restaurant belong to the series of tandoor barbecues, such as the Tandoor Chicken Nuggets, the Tandoor Ginkgo and Potato. Besides, the Lotus Land Fried Rice, the Cheese Scones and the Creamed Chicken are also very popular.  As one of famous Indian restaurants in Shanghai, Lotus Land Indian Cuisine Restaurant is a must-try in Shanghai.

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5. Kaveen's Kitchen

Kaveen's Kitchen is located on the Second Floor, No. 231, Huashan Road, Jing'an District. It serves the authentic Northern Indian cuisine. The signature dish is the "Chowder Masala Chicken". The meat is tender and crispy with a strong Indian Flavor. Another popular dish is "Fresh Selection of Vegetables Cooked in Coconut Curry". Seven fresh vegetables are cooked with coconut milk and curry for several hours. The golden yellow soup is tasty and slightly spicy, which gives out the enticing smell of curry and milk. This cuisine is totally a perfect combination of the fluffy potatoes, the bouncy mushrooms and fresh vegetables. You will fell in love with this rich but no greasy taste.

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Every dish uses at least ten spices and absorbs all the essence. With the base color of yellow, there are pink walls, red tables and plates in the Kaveen's Kitchen, creating a jubilant atmosphere. Step up the winding wooden stairs, you will see a portrait of the Goddess Mada with thousands of arms, various colorful posters and huge photographs of Bollywood actresses. It really has a homelike sense.


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