U-Bein bridge

  • Location: Amarapura, Myanmar
  • Recommended reason: It is a famous attraction in Asia for watching the sunset and
  • Internet site: http://www.hynostravel.com/attractions/amarapura-mandalay-myanmar/
  • Opening hours: 24h
  • Entrance fee: included in pass ticket of Mandalay

U-Bein bridge

U-Bein bridge facts:

U-Bein bridge, built in 1851 and 1,200 meters long, is made of 1086 solid teakwood and is the longest teakwood bridge in the world. The bridge was built from wood reclaimed from the former royal palace in Inwa. Although the bridge has been standing on the water for nearly 170 years, it is intact. It benefits the local people and shows that the teakwood is very good against wind and rain. There are six pavilions in the bridge, which symbolize the "six spirits" of Buddhism.

It is said that when Burmese are in love, they will come to the U-Bein bridge to pray for love to last longer, so U-Bein Bridge is also called "Lover Bridge" by the locals. Best time to visit U-Bein bridge is at dusk. This is the best place to watch the sunset in Mandalay. You can watch the sunset and feel the calm by sitting in the bridge.

What to do in U-Bein bridge

What to do in U-Bein bridge?

U-Bein bridge

No.1 Take a boat to watch the U-Bein bridge.

When reaching the area, you can go to the dock to rent a boat. It costs about 5000 kyats per person. Usually it can sit 5 people for a boat. Take a boat to watch U-Bein bridge is an unique experience in Mandalay.

No.2 Watch the sunset on the bridge

In addition to taking a boat to watch the U-Bein bridge, watch the sunset on the bridge is another must-do thing for this attraction. U-Bein bridge is not only one of the most famous attractions to watch the sunset in Asia, but also a must-visit sight in Mandalay.


How to get to U-Bein bridge?

You can rent a car costing about 3000 kyats a day to the U-Bein bridge. On the way to U-Bein bridge, you can also visit Sagaing Ancient City and Inwa Ancient City.


Tips for visiting U-Bein bridge:

U-Bein bridge

a. There are so many people on the bridge. It is necessary to carry anti-mosquito drugs because there are many mosquitoes here.

b. This bridge has no guardrails, you should be care when walking in the bridge.

c. When walking on the bridge, you will feel shaking.

d. Please try to avoid the holidays coming here.

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