Sagaing Hill

  • Location: Sagaing, Myanmar
  • Recommended reason: It is a famous Buddhist shrine in Myanmar and the highest mountain in Mandalay.
  • Opening hours:7:00-19:30
  • Entrance fee: included in ticket for Sagaing-Mingun

Sagaing Hill in Mandalay

Sagaing Hill is located in Sagaing Ancient City. Where is Sagaing Ancient City? Sagaing is located in the southwest 20 kilometers away from Mandalay across the Irrawaddy River. Sagaing is an important religious center and there are many Buddhist temples. Sagaing was briefly used as the capital of Myanmar from 1760 to 1764. It is said that there is a famous pagoda on Sagaing Hill. The architecture of this pagoda is inspired by the breasts of a queen. So the pagoda looks like a female breast. The place where tourists often go in this area is Sagaing Hill. There are more than 600 temples in Sagaing Hill where there are more than 6000 monks and nuns. From the top of the hill you can overlook the Irrawaddy River.


Sagaing Hill facts:

Sagaing Hill

Located on the north of Mandalay Central Market, Sagaing Hill is an important attraction of Mandalay. It is also the highest mountain in Mandalay with an altitude of 231.6 meters. It is a great place to watch the sunrise and sunset. You can overlook the city of Mandalay on the top of the hill. There are many lush trees on both sides of steps to the hill. There are more than 600 temples between these trees. You will feel quiet in these temples. It has become an important Buddhist shrine in Myanmar.

The roads in the Sagaing Hill are very steep. You can see various stupas of different shapes and different sizes along the way. There are more than 600 temples and more than 6000 monks and nuns in the Sagaing Hill. On the way, you can always meet people who are resting or monks who are chanting scriptures. The main entrance to Mandalay Hill is located on the south side. There are several temples and pagodas at the foot of the mountain that are worth visiting. It attracts many tourists and believers. There is a half-ring temple at halfway up the mountain. There are more than 30 Buddha statues in the temple and the outer walls are engraved with scriptures.


How to get to Sagaing Hill?

There are 3 ways to get to Sagaing Hill.

  1. You can take a local carriage which costs about 20,000 kyats a day to Sagaing Hill.
  2. You can also rent a bicycle which costs about 1500 kyats a day to make a tour around Sagaing Hill.
  3. You can rent an 8-seat car which costs about 50,000 kyats a day.

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