Petronas Twin Towers

Name: Petronas Twin Towers


Location: Kuala Lumpur City Center(KLCC), Malaysia


Reason to Visit: the highest twin towers in the world, landmark of Kuala Lumpur, one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world


Opening Hours: 9:00-21:00(closed on Mondays)


Petronas Twin Towers are located in the Kuala Lumpur City Center(KLCC), Malaysia. The Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur are the highest twin towers in the world. They used to be the tallest skyscrapers in the world. Designed by American architect Cesar Pelli, these 88-storey Petronas Twin Towers are 452 meters high. Petronas Twin Towers and Kuala Lumpur Tower are the landmarks and symbol of Kuala Lumpur. The air corridor connecting the Petronas Twin Towers is the highest overpass in the world. You can overlook the most prosperous scene of Malaysia when you stands on the air corridor of the Petronas Twin Towers.


Petronas Twin Towers



Development of Petronas Twin Towers

The Petronas Twin Towers was started to be constructed in 1993 and finished in 1998 by PETRONOS, national oil corporation of Malaysia. The Petronas Twin Towers are two individual towers connected by an air corridor between the 40th and 41st floor. The air corridor is built to make the communication more convenient of the two towers. The air corridor is 58.4 meters long, which is 170 meters from the ground.


Since the Petronas Twin Towers are very high, you can see them easily in Kuala Lumpur. They are very spectacular to see closely or in the distance. Based on the simple Islamic geometric forms of two interlocking squares, the design of each tower floor plate is an eight-pointed star, which show the Islamic principles of unity, harmony, stability and rationality. The design of the Petronas Twin Towers shows the young, moderate and modern personality of Kuala Lumpur and highlights the unique concept of landmark landscape.



Standing on the Air Corridor

The skybridge connecting the twin towers will provide you special experience on the 170 meters’ height above street level. The tickets of visiting the Petronas Twin Towers are limited every day, so you’d better book the tickets in advance via online ticketing or at the Ticketing Counter, which is a 45-minute trip. There are main three spots to visit, and you will have 15 minutes for each place. Please treasure your time for this trip.


The skybridge on the 41st floor is your first stop. Here you can overlook the Kuala Lumpur city and take photos. Petronas Twin Towers must be a paradise for the photography lovers. You can experience the life of the citizens of Kuala Lumpur and feel the prosperity of this modern city.


Petronas Twin Towers



Have a Panoramic View of Kuala Lumpur

Your trip to Kuala Lumpur will not be complete without visiting the Petronas Twin Towers. Standing on the Observation Deck on the 86th Floor of the Petronas Twin Towers, you will get the unparalleled view of Kuala Lumpur.


It is recommended to visit the Petronas Twin Towers on a sunny day. On a sunny day, you can overlook the Kuala Lumpur and see the buildings and various cars on the roads clearly. You can see the Kuala Lumpur through the floor-to-ceiling windows from different angles. You can observe the city from 360 degrees.


Visiting the Petronas Twin Towers in the night is also recommended because the night view of Kuala Lumpur is charming with many skyscrapers. The Petronas Twin Towers look more beautiful and spectacular in the night with the different color of the lights. The color of the lights of the Petronas Twin Towers will change usually. And you will see different Petronas Twin Towers at night in different time.


Petronas Twin Towers



Best Places to Take Photos with the Petronas Twin Towers

NZ Curry House@KLCC

If you want to take photos with the whole Petronas Twin Towers, you can find the place above. It is on the street near the NZ Curry House@KLCC. It is necessary to open your wide angle function of your phone. Since it is on the street, please pay attention to the transportation and your safety.


Children Pool in the KLCC Park

You can take photos with the Petronas Twin Towers near the Children Pool in the KLCC Park. There is a statue of shark here, you can find this place to take photos with the Petronas Twin Towers. You can find a best location to take photos with the Petronas Twin Towers here.


Petronas Twin Towers



Other Things to do at the Petronas Twin Towers

Shopping at the Suria KLCC

With more than 360 specialty stores, Suria KLCC is located in the Petronas Twin Towers. It is one of the most famous shopping centers in Kuala Lumpur. It is a world-class shopping mall with various products. You can find something new at the Suria KLCC because it has luxuries, exclusive brands and fashionable things. It is a paradise for shopping lovers.


Taste the Delicious Foods of Malaysia and other Countries

Have afternoon tea at a cafe after shopping will be a way of relaxing. There are famous local cafe brands in Malaysia. Also, you can taste many delicious foods at the Suria KLCC including characteristic Malaysian foods and foods of other countries. There are many restaurants, stores and cafes for you to choose at the shopping center. You can taste the local foods, snacks and drinks here to better experience the eating culture of Malaysia.


Visit the Lake Symphony at Esplanade

The Esplanade is located outside the Suria KLCC. The KLCC Lake Symphony Water Fountain will have shows at 19:30, 20:30 and 21:30 every day. The Water Fountain will be colorful and spectacular when it is on its showtime. If you are there at night, you can wait for its showtime to enjoy the lights and music, which will be a kind of relaxing. And if you travel to Kuala Lumpur with families or kids, you should not miss the KLCC Lake Symphony Water Fountain.


Petronas Twin Towers

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