Kampong Gelam

Name: Kampong Gelam

Address: 3 Muscat Street, Singapore 198833

Reasons to Visit: A block to experience the diverse culture of Singapore, feel the Malay and Muslim culture and a colorful site to visit.  

Our Rating: ☆☆☆☆


Kampong Gelam

Kampong Gelam


Kampong Gelam is one of the oldest districts in Singapore. It is a Muslim community in Singapore. In Malay, kampong means village, and gelam refers to gelam tree. Muslims will gather at the Kandahar Street and celebrate the Maulidur Rasul. And if you want to enter the temple, you should wear upper garment with long sleeve, long trousers and long skirt. In Kampong Gelam, you can fully experience the Muslim culture and Malay culture. The history of the blocks can trace back to Singapore colonial period, tradition and fashion meet and merge here. It is a good place to experience the diverse culture in Singapore.


What you can experience in Kampong Gelam includes:




Feel the Muslim Building: Sultan Mosque

is a Muslim mosque, which was built in 1824 by Sultan Hussein Shah. As an important religious building, you can feel the diverse culture of Singapore through visiting Sultan Mosque. It has a magnificent golden dome and a spacious prayer hall. Sultan Mosque was designed and rebuilt by Denis Santry in 1932. And it is the Sultan Mosque we see now. In 1975, the Sultan Mosque was listed as national monuments of Singapore. The narrator can explain the Sultan Mosque in English, Malay, Chinese and Japanese.


Sultan Mosque



Take Photos at Haji Lane

Haji Lane used to be an empty street with pre-war houses on both sides. But now, there are colorful artistic graffiti, 3D wall painting and shops with unique decoration. Many local designers and young entrepreneurs settle in Haji Lane and set up the fashion-clothes shops here, selling clothes and accessories in Singaporean style. The Haji Lane is full of sense of design and art, which attracts many young people to take photos and buy the things here.


Haji Lane



Experience Malay Culture at Malay Heritage Centre

You can learn the history of Kampong Gelam at the Malay Heritage Centre. Before 1819, Sir Stamford Raffles hasn’t landed at that time. Kampong Gelam was a bustling port at that time. And the Malay Heritage Centre was renovated by Istana Kampong Gelam, which was the palace of Malay Sultanate. The historical relics displayed at the Malay Heritage Centre show the rich cultural heritage of Malay.


Malay Heritage Centre



Eat Delicious Local and International Food

The main streets in this block are Sultan Gate, Arab Street, Bussorah Street and Muscat Street. If you are interested in Malay food, you can taste the tahu telur and fried chicken at Hjh Maimunah, which is recommended by Michelin Bib Gourmand. If you want to experience Indian food, you can also taste the roti prata and murtabak at Zam Zam Singapore. And the briyani at Zam Zam Singapore is also very popular. You can also taste the nasi padang at the Warong Nasi Pariaman, its beef rendang and ayam goreng are also recommended.


Kampong Gelam Food



Shopping in Kampong Gelam

As the earliest fashion block, Kampong Gelam has many interesting shops. You can choose your favorite perfume at the Jamal Kazura, this shop can blend the flavor for you, which is your unique perfume. Fickle Store provides you various flip-flops, wearing the flip flops at the beaches of Singapore will be a comfortable experience. The flip flops here are very fashionable. After shopping, you can have the afternoon tea at the Kampong Gelam Cafe, which is at the heart of the Kampong Gelam and also the largest cafe here.


Kampong Gelam Cafe



How to Get to Kampong Gelam

Subway: Take MRT and get off at the Bugis Station, walk to the Kampong Gelam.

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