Merlion Park

Address: 1 Fullerton Road

Opening time: All day

Ticket: Free


Merlion Park

Merlion Park


Merlion Park is located in the reclamation area near the 1 Fullerton Road, and it is the smallest park in Singapore. The Merlion is the symbolic of Singapore. Merlion is a fictional animal with a lion's head and a fish body, first designed by Fraser Brunner in 1964. In 1966, Merlion is adopted by Singapore Tourism Board as a symbol and it had been used until 1997.


Sculpted by Lim Nang Seng and his children, the Merlion is 8.6 meters high and weighs 70 tons. The lion’s head represents the legendary "Lion City". As for the fishtail shape of the statue, it floats among layers of waves, which not only represents the characteristics of Singapore's transformation from a fishing port to a commercial port, but also symbolizes the ancestors who crossed the ocean and came to the south to make a living and survive. Merlion represents wisdom, courage and power. Merlion has long occupied a very important position in the eyes of Singaporean.



Movement of the Merlion

Merlion was originally located next to the Anderson Bridge. As time passes by, the park began to get old. Merlion stopped spraying water in 1998 due to the breakdown of the pump, and the small bricks on its body began to discolor and peel off. Merlion's vast seascape is also blocked by the bridge body. Even if visitors go to Merlion Park to enjoy it at close range, they can only see its back. In addition, Merlion Park is too small to park vehicles and tourist buses. There were no shopping shops, restaurants and other leisure facilities in the park.


Sculpted in 1972, Merlion was moved from Elizabeth Road to One Fullerton in 2002. The Merlion was renovated by Singapore Tourism Board and an extra pump was added. In this relocation, the Tourism Board adopted the Feng Shui master's proposal to place the Merlion in the east, an auspicious position,  so the Merlion faces east and sprays water to the east. And now, there are platforms, shops and restaurants in Merlion Park for tourists to take photos and rest, and the stands can also be turned into a stage for 100 performers. When the audience sits on the steps, they can enjoy concerts and wonderful performances under the stars by the Marina Bay.


The new Merlion Park covers an area of 2500 square meters, which is more than 30 times larger than the old park of 71 square meters. There is an open-air stand in the park, and visitors can take photos in front of the Merlion. The relocation of Merlion symbolizes the spirit of modern Singapore constantly following the changes of the times and perseverance, said by Lee Kuan Yew at the opening ceremony of the new Merlion Park.





How to Visit Merlion Park?

Merlion is landmark of Singapore. Almost all visitors take photos with the Merlion when they visit Singapore. The scenery of Merlion Park is totally different at day and night.


During the day, the Merlion shows its charming water spray under the backdrop of magnificent modern buildings. Tourists can take photos in front of the Merlion. Blue sky, white clouds and mighty Merlion built a aesthetic picture.


Merlion Park


At night, tourists can come here to enjoy the charming Merlion Park's night view and the pleasant scenery nearby. The clear water, modern buildings and dazzling lights jointly make the night view of Merlion Park beautiful and impressive. Standing on the bridge by the Marina Bay, on the one side, you can take photos of the Merlion at the best location. On the other side, you can take photos of the Marina Bay Sands, which is also a hot attraction for photographing. Marina Bay and Marina Bay Sands also consist a perfect scenery no matter at day or night. So, if you want to get a complete experience of the Merlion Park, you can visit it in the afternoon, then wait for the night falling. It must be pleasant to walk in the park with the wind blowing.


Merlion Park at Night

Merlion Park at Night


Taking water as the theme, with the lights, it creates a vivid and spectacular visual effect of Merlion floating on the blue waves. The surrounding open space can be used for various outdoor performances. There is also a floating stage not far away, which can rise and fall with the tide. The staircase connecting the Merlion and the grandstand not only allows visitors to get close to the water, but also allows them to sit on the ground with the staircase.


The stands can accommodate 300 people. Visitors can stand in the stands and take photos with Merlion from the front or profile, and they can take the Fullerton Hotel Singapore, Marina Bay Sands and Marina Bay Park as the background. Besides, the stands can also be turned into a stage that can accommodate 200 performers. When the audience sits on the steps, they can enjoy concerts and wonderful performances with their backs to Marina Bay under the starry sky.



How to get to Merlion Park?

Buses: Take bus No.75, No. 131, No. 167, No. 182 and No. 196

Subway: Raffles Place MRT

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