Gyeonghuigung Palace


  • Name: Gyeonghuigung Palace, 경희궁
  • Location: 1-126, Sinmunno 2(i) Road, Jongno District, Seoul
  • Reason to visit: One of the five royal palaces, Historical Site in South Korea
  • Our Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
  • Opening Hours: 9:00-18:00 (from Tuesday to Sunday); Closed on Monday
  • Entrance fee: free
  • Recommended tour: 5 Days Seoul Exploring Tour


Gyeonghuigung Palace is located on the west side of Gyeongbokgung Palace, so it is also called the West Palace. Gyeonghuigung Palace is a large palace with more than 100 buildings in its heyday. Gyeonghuigung Palace is the place that suffered the most disasters among the palaces in South Korea. Many of the buildings in the palace were moved or lost.

Gyeonghuigung Palace reopened to the public after reconstruction in 2002. It's close to the Seoul History Museum and Seoul City Art Museum Gyeonghuigung Branch.

Gyeonghuigung Palace


History of Gyeonghuigung Palace

Gyeonghuigung Palace was built during the 12th year of the reign of Gwanghaegun. It was just used as a temporary palace at the beginning. Changdeokgung Palace was used as the main palace during the Japanese Invasion, and Gyeonghuigung Palace has become the detached palace.

Gyeonghuigung Palace has many unique buildings and more than ten kings liked to used it as a detached palace. It was destroyed by fire in 1829 and rebuilt in 1830. All the original buildings of Gyeonghuigung Palace were moved to Gyeongbokgung Palace when it was rebuilt in 19 century.

When the Japanese invaded South Korea in 1908, the Japanese moved the Jingcheng Middle School into Gyeonghuigung Palace, and most of the buildings in Gyeonghuigung Palace were demolished.


What to see in Gyeonghuigung Palace

Heunghwamun Gate

Heunghwamun Gate is the main gate of Gyeonghuigung Palace. It was moved to another place with other buildings in the palace and used as the main gate of Shilla Hotel during the Japanese colonial rule. Heunghwamun Gate was moved back to its original place during the restoration process of Gyeonghuigung Palace.


Sungjeongjeon Hall

Sungjeongjeon Hall is the main hall of Gyeonghuigung Palace. The national events and throne ceremony were used to be held here. The restoration project of Gyeonghuigung Palace was completed in 1987. The original building of Sungjeongjeon Hall was sold as a Japanese-run monastery during the Japanese colonial rule and now it's located in Dongguk University.


How to get to Gyeonghuigung Palace

By subway: Line 5, get off at Seodaemun Station.


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