Fort Cornwallis

Name: Fort Cornwallis

Location: Jalan Tun Syed Sheh Barakbah, George Town, 10200 George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Reason to Visit: UNESCO Heritage Site in George Town, Penang, famous historical landmark in Penang, one of the oldest and largest forts in Malaysia, ideal starting point to learn about the colonial history of Penang, Malaysia

Opening Hours: 8:00-23:00


Fort Cornwallis


Fort Cornwallis is located in Jalan Tun Syed Sheh Barakbah, George Town, 10200 George Town, Penang, Malaysia. Located in the southeast coastline of Malaysia, it is a famous historical landmark of Penang. Built in 1786, Fort Cornwallis has a history of more than 200 years. It was named after the Governor-General of British India(Bengal), Charles Earl Cornwallis II. Fort Cornwallis is one of the oldest and largest forts in Malaysia. It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in George Town, Penang. The Fort Cornwallis is star-shaped, which can better resist the invasion from enemies from many directions. Covering an area of more than 400 square feet, Fort Cornwallis witnessed the colonial history of Penang, Malaysia. You can see old buildings, cannons, lighthouse, ammunition storehouse, prison cell and chapel in the fort. The cannons in the Fort Cornwallis were set by Dutch.



Brief History of Fort Cornwallis

If you travel to Malaysia and want to learn about its colonial history, Fort Cornwallis can be your first station. In 1786, Fort Cornwallis was built by Captain Francis Light. At First, it was wooden structure. And Fort Cornwallis was the landing point of of Captain Francis Light and his crew of British East India Company. In 1803, the India convict labors rebuilt the fort with bricks. In 1804-1805, work of rebuilding the Fort Cornwallis was emphasized. And the fort was complete in 1810. during this period, Malacca Fort was destroyed The reconstruction of the fort cost 78,682 and 80,000 Spanish Dollars respectively. It used to be an important fortress of aromatic spice and sea transportation of goods and materials. And now it functions as an empty park with the old outer walls.


Fort Cornwallis



Best Time to Visit Fort Cornwallis

It is recommended to visit Fort Cornwallis in the morning or afternoon since it is hot at noon especially in summer in Penang. And sunny and clear day is recommended to visit the Fort Cornwallis since the sea view on clear days will be more beautiful. Morning and afternoon provide beautiful views of sea at the Fort Cornwallis. In the morning, it is cooler and quiet in the fort, which is comfortable for strolling around the fort. At the afternoon, you can enjoy the sunset on the sea with beautiful sky and colorful sunset glows. The view of sun reflected on the sea is really impressive and beautiful to see.



Visit the Statue of Francis Light

There is a bronze statue of Francis Light in the Fort Cornwallis. In 1938, the anniversary of 150 years of Francis Lights’ arrival in Penang, the bronze statue was placed at the site where Francis Light landed in 1786. Before the World War II, the statue was moved to the High Court Building. It functioned as an exhibit in 1965 at the Penang State Museum. In 2023, the bronze statue of Francis Light was brought back to the site it was firstly placed at the Fort Cornwallis. It is said that there was a sword hung at the wist of the statue of Francis Cornwallis. But it is missing now. And it is commonly believed that it was melted to make weapon during the war.


Fort Cornwallis



Enjoy the Beautiful Scenery of the Sea

When you walk around the Fort Cornwallis, you can see some cannons towards the sea. On sunny and clear days, it is really beautiful. You can see the surrounding buildings, blue water, white clouds and blue sea as well as enjoy the cool ocean breeze. You can know about the stories of the cannons, magazine and other buildings as well as enjoy the picturesque scene of the sea, which is comfortable and relaxed. If you are a history buff, Fort Cornwallis must be a wonderful stop for you. If you take children with you, it is also a good place for learning about the colonial history of Penang and Malaysia.


Fort Cornwallis



Enjoy Afternoon Tea at the Fort Cornwallis

There are restaurants and cafes in the Fort Cornwallis. You can have food and drink in the restaurants and cafes. You can have your afternoon tea as well as enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea. And you can just have something to drink and have a rest. On hot days, icy drinks will help you to get cooler soon. The foods on the restaurants are also delicious and worth trying. Eating in the fort or not depends on the time you stay in the attraction. And part of your entrance fee can be used to your foods or drinks. And the details you should check with the staffs of Fort Cornwallis.



Attractions Nearby

Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower

Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower is located in Lebuh Light, George Town, 10450 George Town, Penang, Malaysia. It is a landmark and historical site of Penang with its beautiful architecture. Built in 1897, the Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower has a history more than 100 years. It was built to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Queen Victoria's accession to the throne. It is a Moorish-style building of white appearance. The original height of the clock tower was 60 feet to represent every year of the queen's ruling. Due to the bombing during the World War II, the clock tower was a little slanting. The Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower combines the architectural style of Europe and Asia, which is full of charm of history and culture. When you get close to the building, you will find the clock is very beautiful, which was provided by Oxford University. And the clock dial was produced by British royal manufacturer of clocks and watches.


Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower



How to get to Fort Cornwallis

You can reach Fort Cornwallis by taxi or bus. The transportation depends on your distance and your like. If you want to experience the public transportation in Penang, you can choose bus. And if you want to be more convenient, you can choose taxi.

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