Clan Jetties

Name: Clan Jetties

Location: Pengkalan Weld, George Town, 10300 George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Reason to Visit: Floating Houses on the sea, traditional village on stilts over the water in Penang, best place to feel the multi-culture of Malaysia

Opening Hours: 24 hours


Clan Jetties


Clan Jetties are located in Pengkalan Weld, George Town, 10300 George Town, Penang, Malaysia, which refer to the houses built on the stilts above the sea in the shoreline of Penang Island. The original residents are the Chinese immigrants who traveled to Penang in the late 19th century. The immigrants sharing common surname consist of a jetty, which is similar to our community. The Clan Jetties had been completed in the 1960s including Ong Jetty, Lim Jetty, Chew Jetty, Tan Jetty, Lee Jetty, New Jetty, Yeoh Jetty, Peng Aun Jetty and Koay Jetty. They have been living in the shoreline of Penang for more than 100 years. And they live a traditional life now. The wooden-structure houses and the unique culture of Clan Jetties attract many visitors from Malaysia and the world. The best way to explore the Clan Jetties is to walk slowly and visit the houses carefully.



Best Time to Visit the Clan Jetties

The best time to visit Clan Jetties is in the morning or in the afternoon because it will be really hot at noon especially in summer. Explore the Clan Jetties in the morning, you can know about the life of the residents and enjoy the stunning view of the sunrise on the sea. Visiting the Clan Jetties in the afternoon, you will enjoy the charming sunset on the sea, and maybe colorful sunset glows.



Main Jetties of Clan Jetties

Chew Jetty

Chew Jetty is the most famous and best-preserved among the Clan Jetties. With a length of more than 300 meters, there are many stores in the Chew Jetty, where is full of visitors. And you can get souvenirs here. The highlight of the Chew Jetty is the interesting and vivid street art murals on the appearance of the houses. And it will take you about half an hour to walk around the Chew Jetty. And you can taste many foods here.


Clan Jetties


Tan Jetty

Tan Jetty is the longest among the jetties and one of the oldest jetties in Penang. It is called the most beautiful jetty where visitors take many beautiful photos here. And the houses of Tan Jetty in a line are really impressive and picturesque in the photos of the tourists. They are also best background of the visitors. And the Tan Jetty offers charming sunrise and sunset on the sea. The long walkway on the sea is really beautiful with the houses.


Clan Jetties


Lee Jetty

With less tourists and commercialization, you can avoid the crowds in Lee Jetty and better experience the lifestyle of the residents of the Clan Jetties. It will be more quiet and peaceful when you walking on the wooden walkways of Lee Jetty. The night view of Lee Jetty is totally different and attractive. But please don not make noise without disturbing the residents here.

Yeoh Jetty

The Yeoh Jetty is shorter than other jetties, and most of the houses of Yeoh Jetty are built on the land. And you can visit the Kuan Yin Temple to overlook the sea since it is near the Yeoh Jetty. Due to its location and fame, Yeoh Jetty is also quiet and peaceful. And the wooden walkway of the Yeoh Jetty is more tortuous and narrow than that of other jetties.


Clan Jetties


Lim Jetty

With less shops and tourists, Lim Jetty is a good place to get the beautiful views of the sea. You can feel the strong atmosphere of life at the Lim Jetty. And it is very close to the ferry terminal. And if you look carefully, you will find that almost every house has a courtyard. You can also see the fishers fishing here. Part of Lim Jetty was destroyed during the World War II. And some of the houses had been rebuilt.


Clan Jetties



Things to do in Clan Jetties

Experience the Street Art in Penang

The wall paintings in Penang is characteristic and famous all around the world. In Clan Jetties, there are beautiful wall paintings at the Chew Jetty. You can appreciate the wall paintings when you walk around the Chew Jetty. You can feel the street art in Penang at Chew Jetty.


Enjoy Wonderful Sunrise and Sunset

Clan Jetties are near the sea, and visitors can enjoy beautiful sunrise or sunset on the seaside. Sunrise or sunset on the sea is really impressive and beautiful, which you should not miss. Seeing the sunrise at the Clan Jetties, you will feel the quiet and peaceful in the morning of the jetties.


Clan Jetties


Taste Delicious Foods and Drinks

Since most of the residents of Clan Jetties are Malaysian Chinese, you can taste the foods, drinks and snacks here, which combine the cooking styles of China and Malaysia. You can taste the characteristic foods here in the stores on the streets. Also, you can taste the Penang foods here.


Clan Jetties


Experience the Lifestyle of the Residents of Clan Jetties

Clan Jetties are still the residences of most of the Malaysian Chinese now. You can see the fishers fishing at Clan Jetties. And you can see their daily life when you are walking around the jetties especially on the jetties that remain the original appearance of the villages and houses.



How to Get to Clan Jetties

You can get to Clan Jetties by bus, taxi and ferry. The transportation depends on the distances and your like. And there are many jetties you can visit. If you are really interested in them and you have enough time, you can visit several jetties. If your time is limited, you can choose one or two jetties to visit. And Chew Jetty is recommended if you have limited time.

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