Clarke Quay

Address: River Valley Road, Central, Singapore

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Monday-Friday: 11:00-00:00

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Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay


Located on the banks the Singapore River, Clarke Quay used to be a small quay for unloading. But now, Clarke Quay is a paradise integrating shopping, eating and entertainment. There were warehouses and stores on the banks of the Singapore River. Now they are decorated to restaurants, bars and entertainment centers. Clarke Quay abandoned the outdoor air conditioner which will generate huge energy consumption to cool down, and adopted passive environmental control method to create a suitable indoor and outdoor physical environment under the condition of reducing the operating energy consumption as much as possible. Here you will be stunned by the usage of Singaporean environmental concept and the convenience it brings to people.



What Makes Clarke Quay Different?

The Combination of Tradition and Modernity

The renovation and development of Clarke Quay not only restores and protects the old buildings, but also carries out modern creative design on the exterior color, lighting and landscape of the building space according to the needs of modern cities, showing the dialogue and coordination between tradition and modernity. On the one hand, it preserve the old buildings. On the other hand, the old buildings become attractive through the creative design. The material of brick and mortar is in sharp contrast with the glass, which shows the collision of tradition and modernity.


Clarke Quay


Collision of Color

The colour of Clarke Quay must be impressive for all the visitors. If colour can express the mood of architecture, the Clarke Quay is always happy. The designer of Clarke Quay is very bold in colouring, warm red walls matching the grass green doors and windows. Some walls are painted by pink and blue, which looks like Disneyland. Different areas are distinguished by different colour. Clarke Quay is full of childishness and playfulness by its colorful design, which makes visitors joyful and relaxed.


Clarke Quay


Natural Lighting

On the tops of the main streets, "sunshade umbrellas" made of ETFE film are covered, forming a space for shading and rain, which not only preserves the natural features of the streets, but also ensures that commercial activities are not affected by the climate. The elegant canopy design creates a cool environment to resist the high temperature in Singapore, and covers 4 main roads and atrium at the same time. The famous Angels canopy, with elastic umbrella structure, is supported by steel structure and composed of high strength and light weight canopy. The material of the canopy is recycled ETFE membrane. ETFE has the characteristics of lightness, self-cleaning function and easy maintenance. It was also the first time to use this material in Asia.


Natural Wind

The most successful thing for Clarke Quay is the introduction of natural wind and the operation of Venturi Effect, that is, when air flows from a relatively vast space to a relatively narrow port, the air flow is naturally accelerated by the suction effect. The Clarke Quay facing the river is rational application of this principle. In order to solve the problem of ventilation, many invisible fans facing different angles are set up in the center of the street. They are like whale tails at the support of the Angels canopy, which can provide artificial fresh air for the street, achieve the effect of street cooling, and effectively play an energy-saving role.


Clarke Quay


Constant Temperature of 28℃

You can imagine how comfortable you are when you walking on the streets of Clarke Quay. The dry fountain in the central square makes full use of the frozen water of the air conditioner in the stores, and the temperature is kept at 16℃. The fans in the street accelerate the air flow, and when it meets the water mist of 16℃ in the dry fountain, the temperature of the dock will drop by about 5℃ instantly, creating this comfortable and pleasant constant temperature of 28℃.


Bluebells and Lily Pads

Combined with the rainy characteristics in Southeast Asia, the umbrella-shaped awning decorated on the river bank is called Bluebell  through the transformation of the river bank itself. The dining platform along the river is called Lily Pad dramatically. It extends about 1.5 meters outside the river bank, maximizing the space and commercial value along the river bank and creating an open dining space with excellent landscape. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Singapore River when dining here, and its unique shape itself has become a major attraction of the quay. At night, these Bluebells will be reflected on the Singapore River, changing different colors in the night sky, which is charming and beautiful.


Clarke Quay


Lights and Electricity

Another great creativity of Clarke Quay lies in the design and application of modern lights and electricity. Colorful and changeable color lighting technology really makes the night at Clarke Quay gorgeous. The buildings composed of 5 buildings are colorful under the illumination of various lights. Even if there is a little distance, they will become the focus of people's attention under the guidance of this light. The canopy during the day is transparent. And at night, it also began change into different colors. 


Clarke Quay



Things to do in Clarke Quay

The Clarke Quay is divided into 5 areas with the square as the center, and the functional plates are divided based on the distance from the river. The area along the river is mainly catering, with coffee shops and open-air water restaurants. The rest of the area is dominated by entertainment, with bars and shops, and a large area of parking facilities is reserved.


In the entertainment part, Clarke Quay not only successfully introduced the London Ministry of Sound, a world-class entertainment venue, but also introduced several other international fashion entertainment brands. At the same time, it also introduced extreme entertainment projects such as G-max bungee jumping in the surrounding green areas, which attracted the attention of many young people.


As for the catering, the catering in Clarke Quay is actually more like a gathering place of world catering, including Swiss cuisine, Persian cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Cuban cuisine and Indonesian cuisine. From time to time, activities with different styles such as German Oktoberfest and weekend flea market will be held to attract people to stop.



How to get to Clarke Quay

Subway: Take Northeastern Line, get off at the Clarke Quay Station, and walk to the Clarke Quay.

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