Best Time to Visit Ho Chi Minh


Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as “Saigon”, is the largest city in Vietnam and a must-see for foreign tourists visiting southern Vietnam. When is the best time to visit Saigon? Best time to visit Ho Chi Minh City will be from November to April when is the dry season.


Where is Ho Chi Minh

Mekong Delta River

Ho Chi Minh city is located on the northeastern side of the Mekong Delta, on the right bank of the Saigon River, and 80 kilometers southeast from seaport. Ho Chi Minh city enjoys very good transportation. Roads lead in all directions, as far as Cambodia and Laos. The railway can reach all parts of Vietnam, one of the railway hubs in Vietnam.



Weather in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh city has a classic tropical monsoon climate, with plenty of sunshine and good rainfall. The climate is very pleasant and it consists of a dry season (November to April) and a wet season (May – October). We suggest that you should pay a visit to Ho Chi Minh city during the dry season. The average annual temperature is 27.5 degrees, and the lowest temperature in January is 21 degrees. The annual sunshine is 2,500 hours to 2,700 hours. The annual rainfall is about 2000 mm, and the average humidity is 75% to 78%.


When Is The Best Time To Visit Ho Chi Minh City

The best time to visit Ho Chi Minh city is in dry season from November to April, especially from January to March. The weather is less rainy and the temperature is moderate.


Visit Ho Chi Minh In Dry Season (November - April)

notre dame cathedral

Saigon’s dry season is regarded as the best time to visit the city, which runs from November to April. During this time, the weather is hot and less rain. The hottest months of Saigon are March, April, and May. And temperatures range from 25 degrees Celsius to a very hot 35 degrees. December is the coolest month with temperature remaining in the twenties during the day. The grandest festival Tet in Vietnam falls between late January and the middle of February. If you happen to visit Vietnam during this time, don’t hesitate to participate in traditional festivals activities in Saigon. But at the same time, accommodation is cost more in high season.


Visit Ho Chi Minh In Wet Season (May – October)

Saigon Opera House

The wet season starts from May and lasting until October, when the weather is humid and rainy. In generally, it is not a good time to pay a visit to Ho Chi Minh. July and August are the wettest month of the year of Saigon with a deluge of rainfall averaging at 170 mm – 190 mm. The rain might drop non-stop for some days in these two months. But in the other months of the wet season, you can enjoy some off-season discounts. Relatively cheap price, uncrowded streets and not hot weather making it a good choice for those who want to take a budget tour to Saigon.





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