Best Time to Visit Singapore

Singapore has very little climate variation throughout the year, so that there are no distinct four seasons in Singapore. Even though you can call Singapore a year-round destination for traveling, there are best times for sightseeing according to different tour purposes, weather, and festivals. Generally speaking, you can avoid June, July and August if you don't like hot weather. The rainy season Singapore is from November to February, and you can avoid this period if you don't like rainy days. Let's continue reading to know the best time to visit Singapore.


Climate in Singapore

Singapore is located in the tropics and is controlled by the equatorial low pressure for many years. It has a tropical rainy climate with small annual and daily temperature differences. The average temperature is between 23°C and 34°C, the average annual rainfall is around 2,400 mm, and the humidity is between 65% and 90%. The climate here is relatively comfortable throughout the year. Although Singapore does not have a clear distinction between the four seasons, the summer is relatively hot compared to other periods, and the winter is in the local rainy season.


Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay


Dry Season

The dry season in Singapore is from February to August, with less rain than other months of the year. The weather is more comfortable from February to April, compared to other months of the dry season. For example, the air quality might not be quite good during May and August because of the haze and smoke from slash-and-burn agricultural fires in Sumatra, Indonesia.


Rainy Season

The rainy season in Singapore is from November to February of the following year. The weather is unstable due to the humid northeast monsoon. Thunderstorms usually occur in the afternoon, and the average low temperature hovers around 24°C to 25°C.


Best Time to Visit Singapore

If you're looking for pleasant weather, the best time to visit Singapore is from February to April, which will be quite suitable for sightseeing. And there are fewer crowds during this period, because it's not a typical tourist season in Singapore. However, if you're traveling to Singapore for shopping, eating, and celebrating festivals, there are different best months for you to pick.


Best time for beaches: you can visit Singapore in summer days, from June to August will be the best time. This season is great for you to relax on the Sentosa Island.


Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island


Best time for gourmet: if you want to taste the food of Singapore, there will be the World Gourmet Summit and Singapore Food Festival in April and July. Those who love special food and snacks are recommended to go there in these two months.


Best time for shopping: if you want to shop, choose the discount season in June or July, which is during the Great Singapore Sale. Christmas at the end of the year is also a shopping season for shopping malls, and visitors can also experience the tropical Christmas atmosphere. However, Christmas is the peak season for visiting Singapore, and it is difficult to have discount hotels and flight tickets.


Orchard Road

Orchard Road


Best time for festivals: a lot of tourists will come to Singapore between December to February to celebrate some festivals, such as Christmas, New Year, and Chinese New Year. But some attractions will not open during Christmas and Chinese New Year.


In general, the high season to visit Singapore is from November to January, June, and July. And the low season is from August through October, except mid-September. Because it's the Singapore Grand Prix. In the high season, the price for hotels and flights will be higher than usual.


Public Holidays in Singapore

January 1: New Year's Day

January or February: Chinese New Year

March or April (dates vary): Good Friday

May 1: Labor Day

May (dates vary): Vesak Day

June (dates vary): Ramadan

August 9: National Day

September (dates vary): Haji Festival

October or November (dates vary): Deepavali

December 25: Christmas


Clothing Tips

The weather in Singapore is hot and humid, and the climate is similar throughout the year. Try to wear comfortable and simple summer clothes. November to February is the rainy season, so tourists traveling during this time should prepare for the rain every day. After the rain, it will be relatively cool. It is recommended to wear a light coat and bring an umbrella with you.

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