Religion in the Philippines

In the Philippines, about 85% of citizens believe in Catholicism, 4.9% believe in Islam, a small number of people believe in Independence and Protestantism, and most indigenous people believe in primitive religions.



Manila Cathedral


Affected by the Spanish colonization, nearly 90% of the population in the Philippines are Christians. About 85% of them believe in Catholicism, making it the only country in Asia that mainly believes in Roman Catholicism.


Religious Taboos in the Philippines

Contraception & Abortion

The population growth in the Philippines is completely different from the situation in developed countries, and the birth rate of newborns is in a state of steady growth. This is the result of religious forces.


Catholics believe that children are gifts from God, and the Philippine Church prohibits contraception and abortion. Even if the child was brought due to rape, the pregnancy cannot be terminated by abortion.


Infidelity & Divorce

In the Philippines, once married, it is impossible to legally divorce. Although you cannot get a divorce, you can apply for "null marriage". But this kind of situation takes a lot of time and money. Many ordinary families cannot afford it.


In addition, it must be noted that if one party is confirmed to have infidelity in the marriage, he may be prosecuted, arrested and imprisoned. If caught by the other half on the spot, the other half can violently beat the derailed person and his lover in accordance with the law.


Opinions about Religion

It is taboo to make negative comments about religion and beliefs in the Philippines. Filipinos generally respect the beliefs of other religions as well as their own. Nearly 99% of Filipinos believe in God.


About Islam

The city with the most Muslims in the Philippines is Malawi in Mindanao, which is a very dangerous area, so it is recommended not to go to the surrounding areas of Malawi.


About Catholicism

85% of the people in the Philippines are Catholics, and there are many Catholic schools and hospitals. Teachers and students have a mass in the school gymnasium and church once a month and study Bible lessons.



Legazpi Catholic Church


In addition, there are full-time nuns in Catholic hospitals who are responsible for psychotherapy. In a Catholic hospital, when a patient is in critical condition, the Bible will be broadcast on the radio, and people will stop and pray for the patient. Besides, religious objects such as crosses will be hung on the walls of the Catholic hospital wards.


Religious Festivals and Events in The Philippines


During Ramadan, Muslims will fast between sunrise and sunset. In addition to fasting, sex and drinking are also prohibited.


Holy Week

Holy Week represents the sacredness. The Friday where Holy Week is located is the day when Jesus was executed, so people believe that it is a day without God. Saturday is called Black Saturday and is a day of mourning. Sunday is called Easter Sunday, the day when God is resurrected.



Cebu Catholic Church


Before Holy Week, in order to hold Easter parties, believers generally start hoarding supplies for the party in advance. Because on Fridays, supermarkets have very short operating hours. Most supermarkets will close on Saturdays. So don’t forget to go shopping before Holy Week.



Easter is a religious event to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. It is also a tribute to Jesus' sacrifice to save people. Some believers may cry or beat themselves because they miss Jesus. In addition, some radical believers who would nail their bodies on the cross and parade through the streets, just like Jesus did.





Ash Wednesday

On this day, the church will use ashes to draw a cross on the forehead of believers, and believers cannot wipe the cross on their foreheads by themselves. The ashes represent that they are the servants of Jesus, and everyone will take the cross drawn by the ashes to the company or school.


Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday


Black Nazarene

It is also a Catholic day when people parade through the city streets carrying a black Jesus. Thousands of Catholics gathered together in order to touch the black statue of Christ.


Believers believe that Jesus is possessed by a black statue of Jesus, and people believe that as long as they touch it, there will be miracles. Many roads will be blocked on Black Jesus Day.

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