Philippines Attractions

The greatest charm of the Philippines comes from nature, as there are more than 7,000 unique islands here. For historical reasons, the Philippines is also known for its diverse culture and countless western-style buildings are the best witnesses. On different islands, you can enjoy the breathtaking landscape and the old buildings, and feel the perfect mix of nature and culture. The most recommended sights in Manila are San Augustin Church, Manila Cathedral, Santiago Fort in Manila. The famous Magellan Cross and the legendary Santo Nino Church are the most recommended in Cebu. Palawan has preserved many original landscapes. Here you can personally explore wildlife and primitive caves. Dumaguete is a beautiful university city with a strong cultural atmosphere. The highlight here is watching whale sharks. Bohol is a paradise for divers. The landscape here is more diverse compared to other islands, including the Harry Potter chocolate mound and the smallest durable animal tarsier in the world.