Best Souvenirs to Buy in the Philippines

With the development of tourism, the Philippines has attracted more and more overseas tourists. What to buy for your family or friends after a lovely trip to the Philippines? If you have no ideas, you are able to take a look at the article Best Souvenirs to Buy in the Philippines.


1. Dried Fruit 

If you want to bring some gourmet specialties back home from the Philippines, dried fruit can be your best choice. The Philippines has a tropical climate and is rich in various sweet and juicy tropical fruits, such as mangoes, bananas, pineapples, red durians, papaya. Dried fruits made from tropical fruits without any pigment added are very famous in the Philippines.


Dried Mango


Among them, dried mango is the No. 1 specialty of the Philippines. Mango is revered as the national fruit in the Philippines. The mango from Luzon Island in the Philippines was once hailed as the sweetest mango in the world by the Guinness World Records. 7D, Profood CEBU, Profood Philippine are the most famous brands dried mango.


2. Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil is extracted from the pulp of the "tree of life" coconut tree. It is known as the healthiest edible oil in the world because of its clear and pure liquid state. Coconut oil is an edible oil commonly used by Filipinos. In tropical islands, coconut oil has been eaten for more than 2,000 years. It is famed as "the oil of life" and "the food of all-purpose".


 Coconut Oil 


Coconut oil is regarded as a "good medicine for all diseases", which means that coconut oil is not only rich in nutritional value, but also rich in medicinal value. Coconut oil can protect the skin from sun damage, so it is often used as the most sacred product for beauty care. In addition, coconut oil can be used for hair care and skin care. It is one of the best souvenirs to buy in the Philippines, which is suitable for female friends.


3. Embroidery 

In the traditional handicrafts of the Philippines, embroidery has a certain status. The world-renowned Philippine embroidery has a long history and is the crystallization of the wisdom of working people in the ancient Philippines. Various embroidery methods, intricate textile patterns, and exquisite color and style make the embroidery handicrafts of the Philippines famous overseas and deeply loved by everyone.




The men's embroidered clothes produced in the Philippines are called "Barong Tagalog", which is a unique expression of Filipino art. A lightweight women's embroidered cotton garment called "Callado", with intricate guipure work. The short-sleeved Olobarongs are casual clothes, which are good for casual wear when traveling.


4. Cigar 

For those who like to smoke, cigars from the Philippines are a major specialty worth recommending. Cigars produced in the Philippines are called "Luzon Tobacco." It is named for the best quality and taste of cigars produced in the Philippine island of Luzon.




The climate of the Philippines is suitable for cigar tobacco planting and growth, so it is one of the main production areas of cigars. Cigars with pure taste are sold overseas. The local cigars in the Philippines have pure taste and reasonable prices. It is a good gift for relatives and friends.


5. Mother-of-pearl Jewelry

As early as the 6th century BC, the Filipinos began to make mother-of-pearl products. This handicraft has been carried on to this day, retaining the characteristics of ancient craftsmanship. The Philippines, known as the "Oriental Pearl", is famous not for its pearls but for its mother-of-pearl.


Mother-of-pearl Jewelry


The so-called mother-of-pearl is a layer of nacre in a pearl shell, which can be used to make ornaments, such as bracelets, necklaces, pendants, etc. These delicate small ornaments made of mother-of-pearl are very popular among tourists. In the Philippines, the most common use of mother-of-pearl is to make tea coasters. In order to be more beautiful, craftsmen will draw various patterns on the coasters, which are very tropical, practical and ornamental.


6. Manila Abaca Bags

Manila abaca products are a major feature of Philippine handicrafts. Manila abaca is produced in tropical and subtropical regions. Luzon and Mindanao in the Philippines are the main producing areas. It is a high-quality raw material for making fishing nets and marine cables, as well as weaving mats and carpets and high-quality linen clothing.


Manila Abaca Bags


Bags and carpets made of Manila abaca are popular with tourists. All kinds of bags and carpets are diverse in styles, exquisitely handcrafted, affordable and distinctive. It is a good choice as gifts for friends.


7. Wood Carving

The wood carvings in the Banaue high terraces tourist area are the most popular special products. In the Philippines, you can find the wood carvings you like at a low price. The exquisite craftsmanship and lifelike shapes will definitely make you open your eyes. It's also good as souvenirs for friends.


Wood Carving


8. Natural Handmade Soap

Unlike ordinary soaps, handmade soaps in the Philippines are made with natural plant essential oils. Soap has a variety of floral scents, such as lavender, lily, rose, jasmine, etc. Of course, there are also various fruit flavors, such as pineapple, mango, coconut, etc.


Natural Handmade Soap


It is made of natural materials and no chemical ingredients are added. The Philippine handmade soap has a fragrance and fine foam, which has a moisturizing effect on the skin.


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