Best Attractions in the Philippines

Tourism is one of the most important industries in the Philippines. The Philippines has a long and winding coastline that is a unique natural state, which also makes it a high-quality tourist destination with many unique landscapes. Here we offer you the 7 best attractions in the Philippines for your reference.


1. Coconut Palace

The Coconut Palace is currently the largest coconut tree building in the world and the most famous landscape in the Philippines. Built in January 1981, the Coconut Palace is an iconic building specially constructed by the Philippine government to show visitors its unique style and characteristics, covering a total area of more than 8,000 square meters.



In the Philippines, people kindly refer to coconut trees as the "tree of life". One third of the country's population depends directly or indirectly on the coconut industry for their livelihood. The coconut plantation area represents more than 20% of the arable land. The Philippines is the true "hometown of coconuts". The Coconut Palace is nestled among the coconut trees near the Manila International Convention Center. It's a two-story Filipino-style building with a hexagonal roof, which is a fascinating piece of art.


Around 200 coconut trees have been planted around the Coconut Palace. The forest is full of green grass and flowers are blooming. Every year during the tourist season, coconut plantation workers perform here. They climbed the tall coconut trees that surrounded the Coconut Palace with their bare hands. They took off the coconuts, cut the coconut with a small axe, poured out the coconut juice and invited visitors to try it for free.


Now, the Coconut Palace has a special memorial significance due to its unique architectural composition. It has become the most famous wedding destination in the Philippines, and countless lovers from all over the world come here, even the local president often stays here.


2. Bohol Island

Bohol Island, located in the southeast of the Cebu island, is an island shaped like an egg. It takes about two or three hours to get around the island by car. Leave the hustle city, embrace the rainforest, and begin the journey to get closer to nature. For diving enthusiasts, this place is simply a dream paradise. Complete diving equipment, professional diving courses, and exciting world water tour will make tourists stay.



Bohol Island is the best diving spot in the world and a paradise for diving enthusiasts. Cebu is an ideal place to start and study diving. The seabed varies from shallow to deep. There are dozens of dive sites and protected areas that can be used for various courses and diving.


3. Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills is located in the central part of the Bohol island in the Philippines, which is a wonder of natural terrain. Chocolate Hill is not the name of a mountain, but a collective name for a series of hills. These hills are small, mostly between 30 and 50 meters, with the highest being only 120 meters.



Chocolate Hills is the most famous attraction on Bohol Island and a must see in the Philippines. Some people say that Chocolate Hills look like giant mole hills. These hills are covered with grass. Every dry season, the grass dries up and turns chocolate brown. The Chocolate Hill got its name.


4. Manila Cathedral

The Manila Cathedral is the main building of the Diocese of Manila. The original church was built in 1581. In the following years, the church was continually destroyed and rebuilt due to typhoon flames, earthquakes, and wars.



The exterior of the church is very solemn. The front wall is carved with 6 white religious figures and various exquisite decorations. The top is carved with two cute little angels and a solemn cross, exuding a strong religious atmosphere and classic charm. The carriage that passes the church door from time to time adds a strong rustic atmosphere.


At every major local festival, the worshipers come here one after another to perform great religious ceremonies. Also, sacred wedding ceremonies are often held in church, and the newlyweds promise in the presence of God to enjoy their happy moments.


5. Rizal Park

Rizal Park is located along Roxas Avenue in the center of the city, facing Manila Bay. A bronze statue of José Rizal, a hero who led the Philippine independence movement, stands in the center of the park. There is a large fountain in the park, which is a treasure place for the residents of Manila to relax. The location of the island is clear at a glance.



In the north, there is an international garden specializing in the cultivation of Chinese, Japanese and Italian flowers. The audiovisual presentations held twice a day also attracted the attention of many tourists. The atmosphere in Rizal Park is calm and the sea breeze blows people. It is a good place for people to relax.


6. Loboc River

The Loboc River in Bohol is 1.5 to 8 meters deep and 58 kilometers long. The river is green and the banks are dense green. The pristine tropical landscape, dense tropical plants and mysterious jungle animals make the Lobo River known as the "Eastern Amazon River."



Taking a houseboat is the best way to experience the Lobo River. You can order a gentle old song from the local singer who holds a folk guitar in the boat, and slowly enjoy the beautiful view of the river. There is the residence of the ethnic minorities along the river, where you can watch the ethnic minorities perform archery, drill the fire ring, and swallow fire.


7. Fort Santiago

Fort Santiago is located in the northwest of the Manila city (Instramuros). The construction began in 1571. Only 15 years later, it was completed. The Fort Santiago is the oldest in the city. After Spain ruled the Philippines, the castle became the main Spanish defense against possible invaders.



The most distinctive feature of this legendary castle building are the wood carvings on the doors about the history of Santiago. This ancient imperial city was a fortress for the Spanish to resist foreign enemies, so you can see the city walls and fortresses facing the sea, as well as many lonely deep-water prisons, which were used to imprison people and guerrillas during World War II.


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