Best Things to Do in the Philippines

The Philippines is located in Southeast Asia, which is a country composed of more than 7,000 islands in the Western Pacific. Many islands make it enjoy the reputation of the "Pearl of the Western Pacific". Every time you enter an island, you will not be disappointed and will discover something new. Here we offer you the 7 best things to do in the Philippines for your reference.


1. Enjoy Water Activities

There are many islands in the Philippines, and the water activities are very wonderful. In addition to surfing and windsurfing with a certain level of skill, there are more activities that do not require any skills, such as jet skis, canoes and banana boats.


Water Activities


Besides, the Philippines has a world-renowned aquatic activity, namely diving. Since most of the islands have clear waters and diverse marine life, they are well suited for diving into the water for sightseeing.


2. Shopping in the Philippines

There are many types of handicrafts in the Philippines that are rich in colors. From hand carvings to tulle lamps, gold, silver, pearl jewelry, and handmade blue plates, etc., they are all exquisite. They are suitable for gifts or souvenirs. In terms of clothing, fashion clothing, textile clothing, and traditional clothing are available. Among them, the Philippine national clothing, Barong Tagalog, is hand-woven with banana fiber (Jusl) or phoenix fiber (Pina). As a fabric, it has a rustic and original flavor.


pearl jewelry


Here you can buy the famous Filipino bamboo and rattan furniture as well as exquisite wood carved furniture in sets or in pieces. Also, snake skin and crocodile skin products, antiques and shell crafts are exquisite.


3. Visit the Manila Cathedral

The Manila Cathedral is the main building of the Diocese of Manila. The original church was built in 1581. In the following years, the church was continually destroyed and rebuilt due to typhoon flames, earthquakes, and wars.


Manila Cathedral


The exterior of the church is very solemn. The front wall is carved with 6 white religious figures and various exquisite decorations. The top is carved with two cute little angels and a solemn cross, exuding a strong religious atmosphere and classic charm. The carriage that passes the church door from time to time adds a strong, rustic flavor.


4. Taste Filipino Food

Local food in the Philippines best reflects its customs and history. Besides famous local cuisine, local cuisine of the Philippines is also deeply influenced by Chinese and Spanish dishes. There are many Chinese restaurants, Japanese restaurants, and Western restaurants in the Philippines, which meet the needs of people with different tastes.


Filipino Food


Ham sticks are traditional Filipino snacks in the early days, which have spread around for decades. Both children and adults like it very much. People can be seen lining up to buy them on the streets and alleys of the Philippines. It is popular because it conveys the traditions of Philippine food culture. It is very delicious, so foreign tourists like to come and try this delicious delicacy. This appetizer is also sought after by many stars.


5. Watch the Cockfighting Competition

Filipinos love cockfighting and get addicted to this prestigious activity that has been famous for a long time. At the beginning of the 16th century, before the Spanish settlers invaded, this country was already dedicated to cockfighting and has a history of two to three hundred years. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to count cockfighting as the "essence" of the Philippines.




The cockfighting scene is exciting. In a pentagonal arena, when two roosters are laid, the leg of each chicken is tied with an extremely sharp blade. After a life-and-death fight, the neck of one of the roosters was severed and blood was lost to death. No rooster has been defeated and flees. In the crowd, people are very excited and almost crazy. They flailed, screamed and leaped, as if they were also gladiators on the battlefield.


6. Relax in Rizal Park

Rizal Park is located along Roxas Boulevard in the center of the city, facing Manila Bay. A bronze statue of José Rizal, a hero who led the Philippine independence movement, stands in the center of the park. There is a large fountain in the park, which is a treasure place for the residents of Manila to relax. The location of the island is clear at a glance.


 Rizal Park


In the north, there is an international garden specializing in the cultivation of Chinese, Japanese and Italian flowers. The audiovisual presentations held twice a day also attracted the attention of many tourists. The atmosphere in Rizal Park is calm and the sea breeze blows people. It is a good place for people to relax.


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