Nepal Culture & Custom

Nepal has a long history and splendid culture, and many dynasties have left glorious remains for Nepal. Nepal's Lumbini is the birthplace of Buddha Shakyamuni. Nepal is the only country in the world that uses Hinduism as the national religion and is known as the Kingdom of the Gods. Nepal is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi- caste, multi-lingual country. Nepali is the national language, and English is spoken in the upper class. 86.2% of residents believe in Hinduism, 7.8% believe in Buddhism, 3.8% believe in Islam, and 2.2% believe in other religions. There are more than 30 different ethnic groups living in Nepal, with more than 100 dialects. The cultural differences among various ethnic groups have also contributed to the rich and colorful culture of Nepal. Nepalese food tastes relatively monotonous, mostly based on various curries, and the ingredients are generally rice and vegetables. Faced with the diverse ethnic culture of Nepal, foreign travelers should pay attention to some taboos in dealing with local people. When you see a cute child, remember not to touch his head, and don't take the initiative to give the child something like candy.