Must-try Foods in Malacca

Malacca, Melaka, with its long history, is a world-famous ancient city in Malaysia. Rich history and multi-culture add unique charm to Malacca. Multi-culture make the foods in Malacca various and delicious. Having been the colony of Netherlands, Portugal and Britain, Malacca still preserves some historical sites like Dutch Square Market, Porta de Santiago and St. Paul’s Church. The most famous cuisines in Malaysia are Malaysian Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine, Indian Cuisine and Nyonya Cuisine. When coming to Malacca Malaysia, most of the visitors want to know the best local foods in Malacca. This article helps you to find the must-try foods in Malacca for your reference.



1. Chicken Rice

Chicken rice is a famous food in Malacca. It is cooked by mixing rice with soup-stock of chicken, and served with tender boiled chicken, cucumber and coriander. Diners who prefer spicy food can also eat with spicy sauce, which is more delicious. It is familiar with the Hainan Chicken Rice. They are different in the rice. Rice of chicken rice is mixed with the soup-stock of chicken. And the rice are shaped into a ball, which is convenient for eating. If you have tasted Hainan Chicken Rice, you can taste the chicken rice in Malacca to compare.


Chicken Rice



2. Satay Celup

Satay celup is a characteristic food in Malacca and Penang, which is very popular. Satay celup is very familiar with the Spicy Hot Pot in China. And the vegetables, seafood, meat and other foods are stringed with bamboo lots. The soup of the satay celup is made of satay sauce, which is made of many kinds of spices. The various spices make the satay sauce fragrant. To enjoy the satay celup, you just need to put the strings of foods into the boiled soup and wait for being cooked. You can leave the foods inside the soup as long as you like, depending on how well you want the foods to be cooked.


Satay celup



3. Satay

Satay is a classical food in Malaysia, which is very popular among the local people and visitors. Satay is different with satay celup. Satay celup is dipped into the soup and satay is roasted. Satay celup has soup and satay has not. Usually, the meat is marinated in sauce before roasting. The ingredients of satay can be sliced or diced chicken, mutton, beef, pork, fish, other meat, or tofu. And the sauce matched with satay in Malacca is special because it is sour, which makes the satay more tasty. Satay is usually matched with cucumber and onion and some drinks to provide the customers better eating experience.





4. Nyonya Cuisine

Baba Nyonya refers to the mixed-race descendant of immigrants from China in the Ming and Qing Dynasties who intermarried with local aborigines. Men are called Baba, while women are called Nyonya. Baba Nyonya is a special ethnic group, which mainly lives in Malacca and Penang. Nyonya Cuisine is the most distinctive and representative food in Malacca. Nyonya cuisine perfectly combines Chinese cuisine and Malay cuisine, and has become a famous representative cuisine except the three major Malaysian cuisines. Nyonya cuisine is characterized by the perfect combination of traditional China cooking methods and Malay spices. The sauces used in it are all made of at least ten kinds of spices, thus forming its unique flavor of sweet, sour, spicy and slightly spicy. Malacca is the birthplace of Nyonya, so there are many Nyonya restaurants there. If you come to Malacca, you must try delicious and unique Nyonya cuisine.


Nyonya cuisine



5. Laksa

Laksa is a famous noodle in Malaysia. Laksa can be said that integrating the ethic culture of Malaysian, Chinese and Nyonya. And the laksa are different in different places. If you have chance, you can taste the laksa in Kuala Lumpur and Malacca to compare the difference.   





6. Nyonya Kuih

Another food you should try in Malacca is Nyonya Kuih. Nyonya Kuih refers to the colorful desserts made of polished glutinous rice, coconut milk and leaves. The leaves are used to add color in the desserts. There are usually 9 layers of the Nyonya Kuih. Our eyes will easily be attracted by the colorful and tasty Nyonya Kuih. There are many colors of the Nyonya Kuih. The Nyonya Kuih is known as its sweet and waxy flavour, which is popular among the young people. The Nyonya Kuih are exquisite and beautiful, which is suitable for matching your afternoon tea.


Nyonya Kuih



7. Putu Piring

Putu Piring is a popular dessert in the street of Malacca. It is a white dessert with the flavour of coconut. You can purchase than in boxes for small, medium and big. It is an old snack for the children in Malacca, and the stores of putu piring is seldom now. The best time to taste it is when it is warm and soft with the fragrance of coconut. And there are many people waiting in line to get it. If you want to try this dessert, you should be patient to wait in line. And the shop does not provide pre-order service, you can only wait in line to get it.


Putu Piring



8. Duck Noodle

There are many kinds of noodles in Malacca, the duck noodle is famous and tasty. In the duck noodle, you can taste the delicious duck and noodles. The duck noodle is made of duck, soup of duck and noodles. There is usually an egg in the noodles. And the duck noodle is very suitable for the breakfast in Malacca. There are many duck noodle restaurants in the streets of Malacca. And you will find many local citizens in the stores. And sometimes you need to wait for a while to get your noodle. If you like koay teow, you can change the noodles to koay teow. Duck Koay Teow is also recommended in the duck noodle restaurants.


duck noodle

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