Langkawi Attractions

Langkawi is one of the popular tourist destinations in Malaysia. The origin of name "Langkawi" is the abbreviation for "Helang", which is a composite of "Lang" and "Kawi". In the ancient Malay language, "Lang" means an eagle, "Kawi" means reddish-brown, and "Langkawi" is the meaning of "red-brown eagle". At the Kuah pier, you can see the statue of the flying eagle from a distance, it is the representative building of Langkawi. Besides, what are the other famous Langkawi sites? What to visit in Langkawi? Tourist resort - Langkawi Beaches, 687 meters above sea level from the Sky Bridge to the eastern village and a picturesque place on a miserable love story - the tomb of Princess Masuri, etc. are sights that you should not miss. Langkawi Attractions page will give you more details on popular Langkawi tourist sites.