Top 6 Restaurants in Vientiane

When it comes to the category of dishes in Vientiane, there's a variety of choices. Here, you will have the chance to try authentic food from all over the world. Restaurants in Vientiane are relatively concentrated, so you must be attracted by the variety of restaurants and cafes when walking along the streets. Not only the American burgers, Mexican barbecue, French bread and pastries, but also Southeast Asian specialties such as Thai salad, Lao sausage, and Vietnamese rice noodles, all can be found here. Let's explore the following Top 6 Restaurants in Vientiane to see if they meet your desire to feast.


1. Noy's Fruit Heaven Restaurant and Fruit Bar

In front of Noy's Fruit Heaven Restaurant, a variety of fresh fruits are displayed, which is very conspicuous in the street. It's enough to draw your attention to enter this restaurant brimming with hospitality. Both the shake and coffee are yummy, and they're free combinations of different flavors for travelers to choose from. The ingredients are fresh and plentiful, and the taste is really nice! Counter meal like Baguette and American breakfast is also available at an accessible price, which makes it a great place to have breakfast, brunch, and high tea.

Location: Heng Boun Rd., Ban Haysok, Vientiane


2. Lao Kitchen

The decoration of Lao Kitchen is very simple, but it also attracts a lot of customers. So it would be better to make a reservation because you might not get a table at dinner time. Lao Kitchen features Lao specialties, with a fusion of western styles, and has its own ingredients like Lao sausages. The tapas here imitate the concept of Spanish cuisine, which offers a variety of small portions of Lao food. Laab and Luang Prabang sausage are typical dishes of Laos' native spices. Papaya salad, spring rolls, and other starters are also widely praised by customers.

Top 6 Restaurants in Vientiane

Location: 140/01, Unit 15, Rue Hengboun, Baan Anou, Vientiane


3. Kung's Café

Kung's Café, run by the local Maly, is located in the back of an alley, away from tourist attractions, so it is not that commercial. The cafe specializes in coffee and western brunch, as well as Lao cuisine. The coffee here is popular. Besides, the sticky rice and mango/banana pancakes are also widely praised by tourists. The portions are plentiful but affordable.

Top 6 Restaurants in Vientiane

Location: Rue Simeuang, Soi 1, Vientiane


4. Le Banneton Cafe & Bakery

Le Banneton Cafe & Bakery has only two stores in Laos, one is in Vientiane, and the other in Luang Prabang. It's one of the top restaurants on TripAdvisor in 2014. Le Banneton Cafe & Bakery is known for its French roasts and high-quality espresso. Croissant is the most popular western-style dessert. French breakfast is also served here, allowing customers to taste the delicious French bakery at a very affordable price.

Location: Rue Nokeokoumane BP 568, Ban Mixay, Vientiane


5. PVO Vietnamese Noodle Soup

Since Laos is near Vietnam, among many cities in Laos, all have Vietnamese restaurants. PVO Vietnamese Noodle Soup only sells noodle soup with beef, pork and meatballs. The soup is plateful and delicious, noodles are served with vegetables, and guests could add other spices according to their own taste. Other beverages are also available at affordable prices.

Top 6 Restaurants in Vientiane

Location: Follow the signs at the crossing of Rue Samsenthai and Sakarin Rd.


6. Ray's Grille Burgers & Mexican

Ray's Grille is the most famous burger shop in Vientiane. It's a tiny shop with a barbecue stall outside, but you could smell the fragrance of burger from a distance. The specialties are the authentic Philadelphia cheeseburger and other well-prepared burgers. The most popular burgers are Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, Aussie burger, falafal burger, etc. They also serve imported beer.

Top 6 Restaurants in Vientiane

Location: 17/1 Sihom, Vientiane

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