Zaisan Memorial

Name: Zaisan Memorial

Location: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Reason to Visit: Landmark in Ulaanbaatar, a historical monument to memorize the heroes died in World War II

Duration: about an hour

Our Rating: ☆☆☆☆


Zaisan Memorial


Zaisan Memorial is located in the south of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. It is a landmark in Ulaanbaatar. The monument was built by Russians to memorize the unknown soldiers and heroes in the World War II. During the World War II, the allied forces of Mongolia and the Soviet Union severely damaged the Japanese army. The monument is ring-shaped with the wall painting inside. The theme of the wall painting is the friendship between the Mongolia and the Soviet Union. The wall painting record some significant historical events like the Soviet Union supporting the independence of Mongolia, the Soviet Union defeating  the Japanese Imperial Army and the space fly of the Soviet Union.



Climb up the Stairs to Reach the Zaisan Memorial

Before reaching the monument, you should climb up the stairs since the Zaisan Memorial is located on the top of the Zaisan hill. The hill is not very high and it is not very difficult to get to the top. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you will be willing to climb the stairs to the top. If you don’t want to walk for a long time, you can climb from the halfway of the hill, where the cars can reach.


Zaisan Memorial



Admire the Vivid Wall Painting

There are vivid and colorful wall paintings on the inner ring-shaped monument. The paintings mainly show some important events of the Soviet Union and Mongolia. Mongolia’s independence, cooperation to resist Japanese aggression and space fly of the Soviet Union show the friendship between Mongolia and the Soviet Union. And these scenes are all vividly recorded in the wall paintings. The Zaisan Memorial shows the style of the Soviet Union since it is built by the Soviet Union.


Zaisan Memorial



Have a Panoramic View of Ulaanbaatar

Located on the hill, you can have a panoramic view of Ulaanbaatar at the Zaisan Memorial. Overlooking the city and you will find that Ulaanbaatar is a large city. In fact, it is one of the largest inland cities in the world. And you can see the Tuul River not far away. At the same time, you can look far into the distance of the mountains. The view of Ulaanbaatar is vast and beautiful. In a good weather, the scenery of the city and the Zaisan Memorial will be spectacular.


Zaisan Memorial



Enjoy the Night View of the Ulaanbaatar

If you have enough time, you can climb up to the Zaisan Memorial at sunset. You can enjoy the stunning view of the Ulaanbaatar at the sunset. It is really worth seeing. When the lights are on, the Ulaanbaatar city is another beauty. Some local people like to climb up to the Zaisan Memorial at night, talking with their friends as well as enjoying the picturesque night view. Seeing the Ulaanbaatar city in another perspective, you will find that the Ulaanbaatar is charming and mysterious in the night. So exploring the beauty of Ulaanbaatar in the night will be a nice experience.



The Attractions near the Zaisan Memorial

The Winter Palace of the Bogd Khan

The Winter Palace of the Bogd Khan is 1.5 kilometers from the Zaisan Memorial. If the two places are both in your plan, you can put them together in the same itinerary. The Museum of Bogd Khan is worth visiting because of its collection of rare historical relics as well as its Chinese construction style.


Tuula River

Tuula River is the mother river of Mongolia. The water is very clear in the Tuula River. It looks very picturesque with the grassland and the remote rolling hills. And it is frozen in winter, its beauty is different in winter. You can walk on the frozen river.


Tuula River

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