Langzi Ancient Village


Location: Gaotian Town, Yangshuo, Guilin, Guangxi Province, China

Reason to Visit: Disappearing Architectural Treasure

Our Ratings: ★★★★★

Opening Hours: All Day


Langzi Ancient Village was built in the Shunzhi period and has a history of more than 350 years. His first ancestor, Zhengrao Qin, was a native of Qingyuan, Yishan, Guangxi. He was a warrior of the peasant uprising army of the late Ming Dynasty who stationed in Beiping. Because of a defeat, he fled and passed through Langzi Ancient Village. Because the land was fertile and the waters were clear, he chose to stay for a long time. Later, he had a son and two grandchildren. Because his grandparents and grandchildren lived in a simple and diligent way, during the Xianfeng years, the family had become prosperous and wealthy.

Langzi Ancient Village is 82 kilometers away from Guilin City and 22 kilometers away from Yangshuo Country. It is a large ancient residential group. Eleven villages in Langxi maintain are the ancient villages of Ming and Qing style. The village is home to the oldest ancient dwellings in Yangshuo. These dwellings reflect the traditional Chinese cultural characteristics and are the treasures of Chinese traditional architectural art. This well-preserved large-scale ancient dwelling group includes the ancestral temple. There are more than 60 houses in the old house, blue brick and gray tiles, and the fire walls are tall. The structure of the entire residential building is rigorous and the layout is exquisite.


How to Appreciate Langzi Ancient Village

Some people think that there is not much to see in here, but if you really relax yourself and appreciate the picturesque and cultural village, you will have more perspectives towards live or history.

This village is absolutely genuine as opposed to many fake places built only recently to take tourists' money. No need to buy a ticket, just stroll in and walk between the old houses in the narrow alleys. Some houses are open, offering a glimpse into the living conditions of rural Chinese. No souvenir shops inside, although few stalls seem to sell trinkets at the entrance. Good for a half an hour wander, best to come here by bike, leave the bike at the entrance and walk inside.

Just stand here and try to imagine how people lived in here thousands of years ago, and how the village has thrived and prospered from the beginning. You may travel back in time.


How to Get to Langzi Ancient Village

1. The best way is to drive here yourself (by Google map or Baidu map) or hire a private guide. The way along side will be another highlight may you love Guilin more.


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